ducks at least

On my way to school I suddenly felt too panicked to go. So I went home. I fed some ducks. Then I put on my favourite outfit I’d worn this week.



coat: gift/metamorphose, dress: marimekko, shoes: minju kim for h&m, shirt: second hand

I feel so overwhelmed by my workload I can’t even start studying. And yes, everything I ever do and organise is synced to my iCal, neatly planned and colour-coded. What else can I do but start? But what do I do when starting means anxiety attacks?

Photo on 26-02-14 at 10.35

Make up to represent my current mood.


  • You look So amazing i love your cool and unique style! you should try doing yoga (tara stiles ruless) or mediating to some really chill music for 3-6 minutesi reccomend Paracosm by Washed Out or Oshin by Diiv. you can get through this. You are too well dressed to do badly in life. ♥

  • at least there are ducks! and at least you are beautiful! i hope it makes you feel powerful. when you get anxiety attacks when you begin working, for example, /can/ you push through it? have you ever? it manifests differently of course; some people can hardly breathe and get bad tummy aches, but maybe some people just get panicky and worried. try to remember that you’re just trying to study. you’re not bungee jumping or whatever! next time you feel that way, just stop for a moment. take a few deep, cleansing breaths. then look at the situation critically and ask yourself: “why am i so scared?” a lot of the time when you take a moment to analyse and criticise negative feelings, you realise that they’re really unnecessary and silly. you may be afraid of failing, /especially/ if you know what that feels like. but who really cares if that’s what happens? it doesn’t mean your life will end; it doesn’t mean you’re stupid; it doesn’t mean your friends will think less of you. but one thing that is assured is that you’re not going to succeed if you don’t try! you can do it! there are tons of babes around the world who love you and don’t even know you. i am cheering for you, dear. love, liebchen xx

  • This outfit is so awesome! I need those shoes, I love that Minju Kim for H&M collection :3

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