Duro Olowu

Following my African fashion google mania; here is my obvious admiration and love for Duru Olowu, lawyer turned fashion designer, grown up between England and Nigeria, all-around awesome man. He’s doing some pretty amazing things inspired by the bold fashions of the women around him.

“I wanted it to have practical volume, a regal normality. I called it ‘Bamako Pompadour.'” Bamako is the capital of Mali, which “had an empire of huge wealth and intellect—and beautiful women.”



Also love his former collections.


  • Re: Your request for “African Fashion” blogs. Tried to post full links but couldn’t because your spam filter’s working overtime *smiles*:

    shop liquorice
    stylehouse files
    bella naija

    • Yay, thank you! I love them!
      Strange about the spam, I guess I’ll need a new spam filter, sigh.

  • These are so beautiful, the layering of the different patterns are so interesting. Thanks for introducing me to these! x

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