Edith Beale’s costumes

I don’t think it’ll come off as surprising when I say I absolutely admire Edith Beale’s creativity in her clothes. Though she had hardly any means she managed to create such utter fabulosity. I love it especially when she took to draping and knotting scarves and old clothes, she made outfits totally unlike anything else. But maybe her attitude shined through and made every costume sparkle with her quintessential magical beauty.

Also obligatory video of Edith’s best costume of the day…


  • Thanx for your nice comment, it means a lot to me !
    I didn’t know this lady, she’s excentric, free and vulnerable, it’s touching.
    Did you read Nijinski’s diary ? Step by step you folow him drowning in madness, it’s so sad…

  • I missed your blog!
    Oh i have memories with this movie, haha, i had a design project based around her clothing.

    Thanks for the comment by the way, couldn’t have had a nicer comment for me collar 😉
    Must go listen to more Klaus Nomi!!!
    Hope everything’s good with you 🙂

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