Here is me, in artificial lightening (corrected to true colours in photoshop, or at least tried to), not posing just waiting patiently, trying not to roll my eyes when someone else tried to take a pic of me to see if outfit pics could work in this new space. IRL, outside, I wore the shoes I wore in my last outfit post; they worked great but are difficult to walk in with socks because they are a size too big. No foot sweat to keep me in my place apparently. Those socks are a dark blue. I love knee socks and over the knee socks. Very cute, some interpret it as sexy which like whatever that’s your thing I just like how my silhouette is more in proportion to colours etc. than with tights. I don’t know I’m starting to hate tights. I hope autumn lasts long enough.

Look at my face. It is my typical face expression. So much love, kindness, interest glows out of it, no? No. How do people put up with me I wonder? A formal thanks to all my friends.


This is the pin I wore in my hair. I also have two pins to match which I sometimes wear on my collar together. When I meet new people their eyes go from my collars to my hair and back and forth, with a slightly weirded out look. The babies are slightly terrifying. Of course, I’m not a fan of babies but, still regardless they are slightly weird and terrifying to wear? A gift from my clothing patroness who knows me better than I know myself.

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  • I don’t understand why people sexualize kneesocks. Or rather, I know why they do it, but it brings me back to my thoughts/anger against people who sexualize things that should not be sexualized for any reason + it’s a routine way of people reducing cute things to the trivial instead of recognizing its inherent powers of subversion solely because it’s uniquely feminine. le sigh :/

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