shoes: Swedish Hasbeens, blazer: second hand, tights: asos.com, dress: second hand, belt: part of second hand vest, earrings: gift

Let’s keep it short and say that my medication has gone all awry lately and grown worse because I was ordered to take even less of it and now I am basically feeling 01101000 01101111 01110010 01110010 01101001 01100010 01101100 01100101 etc. and 01100010 01100001 01100100 etc. and let’s not describe it all but let’s talk this one euro dress but what is good also is animals and I want to read all catsimal related stories and soothe my pretty head and wear this dress and cry, possibly.

Please feel free to send me animal-related stories. Or pics, or vids, or hand-made animal accessories.


  • I love the color of your tights with the yellow of your shoes šŸ™‚
    I’m sorry to hear you still don’t feel all that good…


  • I admire you so much.
    I have stupid sad things going on in my head too, but reading your blog makes me happy and hopeful.

    I hope you get through this, and if you want to email me your address, maybe I will send you something handmade and animal-y?



  • Oh baby, I’m so sorry! I really need to write you an e-mail soon, and I will send one out later this evening. There’s still so much hope at the end of the tunnel, even when everything seems dark and cloudy. You’re babely!

  • I love your blog, the way you dress makes me happy :3
    I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well..but I can send you a zine that I made and a cat brooch that I made a long time ago-if you want of course. Just email me your address.

  • My daughter and I nearly passed out with joy at seeing you in your fabulous dress and tights – everyone needs yellow shoes!!!!! I do hope your meds will settle and behave very soon … my hubby is just starting to come out of a month of hell, detoxing from some horror meds, so I have a tiny bit of understanding of how you might be feeling. Big hugs, Desiree xo

  • So sorry to hear you’re having a hard time. I find it very strange that the things you do to cope with it paradoxically seem to make everyone happy. I hope you find more balance and peace of mind soon. Some of my friends went through similar things, and cutting down on meds can be such a bitch. Good luck with the inevitable ups and downs. <3

    I want to add to the pile of compliments on this post and your blog in general: keep up the good work! You do wonders with colors and prints! Sometimes when I pay a visit to my local thrift store I see items and start to smile imagining how you'd style them. And then I pick some and do my own thing. Yay for cheap 2d hand finds and colorful stuff!

    Now to comply with your request, this story went slightly viral a little while ago, but just in case you'd have missed it, here's the story of an adorable Japanese grandma and her BFF. Looks like a real life Miyazaki movie, too good to be true (but hey there's hope, cause it is!)


    Love & groetjes,

    A devoted reader.

  • when i opened your delicious blog, i sank in strawberry girlish atmosphere and your talent in fashion. i entered a world where everything was like a candy with sweet taste of teen years… i love this post, i love your outfit, i love everything!
    i want your shoes!!!

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