• Haha, you’re so cool. That sounds so nothing-y but I mean it.

    I have been looking for soft-cup bras that aren’t horrible, so thx very much for the tip there too.

    • Ooh it’s a little pricey but it’s an amazing bra if you have small-ish breasts! Besides looking super cute you can adjust all of the elastic bands, including the one on your back; it’s really long and also crosses my waist in front and that lessens the tension bras usually give on your back so yeah it’s great! Check it out here! (It’s filed under ‘want’ and called ‘again girl’ but they have a lot of soft cup bras — I was in the same search for a long time; I also own one called ‘one’ filed under ‘needs’ :D). And hahha thank you โ™ก

        • Yeah she’s pretty amazing! And Belgian too so it’s easier to shell out and support a local artist โ™กโ€ฟโ™ก

          I love those too but feel super iffy about ordering lingerie online. I mean I like them but I’d have to be head over heels to order a bra online or drunk when shopping ๐Ÿ˜€ Though I’d really love going for something that I cannot in no way get IRL like What Katie Did bullet bras which I have been lusting over for YEARS? I just never know my real size ;______________; But you can get online assistance at la fille d’o though!


          • I had a What Katie Did bullet bra, it was pretty phenomenal but just not quite small enough on the ribcage (I’m wee). It was good for short periods but after a few hours I would fidget like anything!

            I’m always keen to buy bras online because trying them on in a shop is so UGH. It’s not wise, but it saves me physical hassle, so.. Strategic bad decision!

            Swapping three guess-purchases for one fille d’o experience looks like a plan, though. Quite certainly.

  • You look so amazing ๐Ÿ˜€ I can’t get over your sheer cardigan/bra combo. It makes you look like a ~godess~

  • I would buy your dream-character stylebook if you wrote one. Your style is really fresh and exciting – I like it a lot!

  • omgay that bra is so cute. i tend to buy v. v. cheap lingerie because i’m tiny but i want a decent longline bra & something cutesy like that for ethereal sheerness.

  • This is adorable and ridiculously quirky. I’m stuck in an eternal battle with lingerie. I would love to find a bra that DOESN’T shrink in the wash and slide off my shoulders in public…

  • Love this! Short comment but it’s true of course. I am behind on your blog or I think I miss seeing your outfits in your tumblr. Or maybe you aren’t putting as many there or or or??? So I’m here, looking at everything! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oh you should then. I am most likely just confusing my memory of your blog with your tumblr. But the reason this time I came to look here is because someone else had tumbled one of your outfits.

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