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Hiya! This morning I updated the outfit info on my blog, which I’ve been neglecting to write down for a long while. I’ve noticed a frequent return of the same items and it confirms a lack of wanting to purchase new things; I love it. When I first started sharing outfits online all I wanted to share mostly was new items, new outfits. But lately I’m more inclined to share something (silhouette, colour combo, etc.) that I’ve repeated, or items I’ve worn a lot. What a great evolution, yay.


top & pants: W&LT by Walter Van Beirendonck found on eBay, jacket: second hand, pom pom necktie: hand-made, socks: SOXI, shoes: Swedish Hasbeens

Lately I’ve been feeling disconnected to reality, too, which is something I felt strongly this morning when looking over outfits. I’m trying to focus on studying, but it’s still fairly overwhelming — I’m getting very close to reaching studying goals, but my focus is so intense I don’t want to unfocus anymore and have consequently been scared to interact with reality, outside of my computer screen and books. All I can stand is Nintendo™ (can you guess what game I’ve been obsessed with??), makeup and clothing. I’ve built an armor around me and I feel like it’ll break apart when I connect to anything more. My mind is up into an ether and its disconnect from myself and life is protected by a steel armor. I need this armor to study. It’ll fall apart after exams, it’ll fall apart when I’ve thaught myself how to study. I can do this i can do this let’sdothis i totally can, let’s. This might sound like I am not doing okay at all, and maybe I’m not, but contrary to what it sounds like I feel fine; I’m eating well, sleeping well, etcetera so don’t you worry about me while I am up in this ether and flopping around like a ghost. I’m missing IRL but I’m gonna be fine and I am sorry for not being with you, not being here or being anywhere, I miss you a lot, but I’ll get back eventually. Just be patient. I need only your patience. Let’s meet up in two months.

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  • Ik mis jou ook zoveeel! We komen er elk op ons eigen tempo door ^^(het gaat al trouwens iets beter met mij)

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