Okay, this is officially my last ~ altering bad purchases ~ post, because I’m sick of it. I only have a few things left I want to get done. One day though! One day.

Shoes: Dr. Martens, socks:, everything else: second hand, scarf: a fabulous gift.

I totally loved this dress since the minute I saw it. The fabric is such a gorgeous colour and print and it’s really thick and qualitative, too. But it was, like, ten sizes too big. Since the cut is really nice, has tiny breast nips and hidden pockets I decided to just take in the waist a little so it would still be relatively loose-fitting but fall in an hourglass shape regardless. I also shortened it a little. The way I take in garments is this: I either wear the garment while standing in front of a floor-length mirror and take the fabric I want to take and measure it with my fingers. Then I lay it flat and pin it to where I’d finger guessed. Or, I wear the garment inside out and pin it straight on my body. With this dress I did the former. Both my methods can work but can also fail easily :’D. How do you do you take in garments?

Because I felt like a colour overload :D. All DIY’ing aside. I am so. in. love. with this dress. The fabulous yellow seventies shirt is pretty kick ass too! Also: Nyan cat scarf! To be honest, at first I was a bit perplexed on how to co-ordinate the rainbow colours but I’ve come to the conclusion that colour overloading is the way to go. It’ll also never mismatch any outfit I wear because I am wearing at least two of those rainbow colours every day! 😀

When it comes to a garment this nice, I never cut in the fabric. This way it can always be restored to its former glory. I used a hidden stitch to shorten it because with a fabric this thick and kick ass a little more time spent altering is good time spent.


  • Oh wowzas! That stripe jacket is so candyliscious with your amazing outfit! And it’s true, once you’re wearing a rainbow most things kind of blend in!
    It’s pretty freaky but somehow I only wear red, green and blue (with the odd higlight colour thrown in) I can get a bit too matchy matchy which always freaks me out!

    I’m too scared (and well…. long pause….lazy) to take clothes in too often, but I have a massive pile to undertake.. It’s pretty much just gather and hope for the best. eek.

    Been fun coming to your page and seeing a different background each time!

    • Oooh I used to have this period where I’d only wear green and red, with occasionally some white and black thrown in. I started wearing more colours to stop doing that. Ironically, I’ve grown more matchy matchy since then and also ironically the friend that gave me this scarf introduced me to matchy matchy-ness and now I can’t get rid of the tendency to have recurring colours everywhere, gah!

      Yeah, I’ve been way too lazy to take stuff in etc. too, which is why I did this theme and I am very glad I did because I got some awesome things out of it!

      Yay, I’m glad it’s not obnoxious to you at least 😀

  • How tasty this looks! Like a summer icecream or something, with rainbow sprinkles) damn my imagination!


    • I honestly don’t know! A friend gave it to me. I know that it’s hand-made though so you could try looking at etsy (I also know that said friend frequents etsy too) 😀

  • Guh, I am in endless awe of your talent for mixing bright colors – that yellow blouse is just perfection! Also, the print is just stunning ^^

  • Holy shit Eline, you can do no wrong in my eyes. If I saw that dress being sold, I wouldn’t even touch it with a yard stick but you totally rock it and make it work. What’s your secret? 😉


  • Aaah your outfit is great! I actively hate taking in clothes. Altering is so much more frustrating that creating new things for some reason. But occasionally it has to be done. I’ve also got some dresses from my first years of thrifting that would do great taken in a bit.

    I think it’s pretty smart not to cut the fabric too!

    • I basically just forcefully hate any and all sewing though! I just really really love clothes apparently :’D

  • I too struggle with taking in clothes. I think that through trial and error I’ve gotten better at it. I usually do it by hand since I find it’s easier to go slow, that way mistakes are easily fixed, rather than with a sewing where if you mess up you have to undo everything.

    Maybe it would be worth it to invest in a book on tailoring? Certainly you can find one at the library or a used book shop. I’m thinking about doing the same.

    • Yes, I used to do the same, but it goes so quicker with a sewing machine and after making some dresses etc. myself I’ve been good enough to sew it correctly right at the start most of the time ^o^
      Weirdly enough I actually do own a book on tailoring but have only looked at it once or twice without using it :’D. I’m sure it’ll come in handy some day though!

  • I take things in by staring at them, crying, and then putting them back on the rack and try not to think about them ever again. Haha an exaggeration but! As soon as I get to be at home for a while and get my hands on a sewing machine I’ll try my hand at taking things in! Also letting things out. I need to take out the seams of two of my blouses. Ahh I really hope I don’t mess up, I’m scared to ruin it.

    Also I totally love and am envious of your color overloading. I wish I could be so bold!

    • :’D

      I think maybe if your new at it, like Holly here said, it would be good to have a go at it with hand-sewing so you can discover what shapes make a garment fall like so and so. I did the same, mostly because I think sewing machines are machines from hell because they are so loud and obnoxious, but Holly makes a really great point with the slowness being good for beginners 😀


  • Hehe, you look like a cute cartoon character with all that colour! I love that 70’s shirt, the collar is amazing. I’m so glad you never cut the fabric when altering vintage clothes, i always make sure i never do it, it’s great to be able to wear them and return them to their original state too!

  • You remind me Emma, a character from a catalan tv series who was always wearing second-hand and borrowed clothes. She was very childish, innocent and funny, and her clothes looked like her: very colourful!

  • Ooooh the colours are delightful!! It makes me happy! and the print of that dress is amazing!!

  • Oh wow. Your posts never fail to inspire me! This print of that dress with the yellow shirt! Brilliance!

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