Five Useful Tips From Experts In Content Generator.

Often in writing my thesis I get stuck whenever I transition from idea to idea or when I’m in doubt (should I include this person’s perspective/that fact/that sarcastic line?). I know I should ask: how does this help my argument. But I panic because I’m the panic-sort. And lately, it has spent me to a spiral of looking for apps helping me write a thesis. (I was desperate and curious.) Now, this is a surprisingly depressing spiral the deeper you go in. Not only because of what I am doing with my precious time but also because blog upon blog upon blog looks nearly identical and gives the exact same tips, often even in the same order! Grumpy and old as it sounds, I wonder: what happened to diversity in blog content and design?

Of course, the design I understand. You now have many great layouts, often with live drop & drag ability, so it’s easy and it looks good. And the content I get too. It is more often than not sponsored. Capitalism seeps into everything, we get it. But what went beyond me is that I even came upon content generators. So, over simplistically put, do people not even think of their own content anymore? Is the point of it all just clicks and google rank? I mean, I get it, money is needed. But… oh it is so boring. That’s my main gripe. The internet has gotten so damn dull and honestly just mind-numbing. No thought necessary. For example, not to point fingers, it is just a random example here, it is only one of the 5 places I still frequent online that isn’t a personal blog – but have you looked at BuzzFeed? Ok I don’t know how it works so I might be wrong but it seems like every ten posts there is almost the exact same thing: pick five of these foods and we’ll tell you who you’ll marry; choose 10 colors and we’ll predict your age. And they switch it up every couple of days to predict something else via something else. Do they have a template of this stuff? It’s almost surreal to me. The tediousness of it all. I like going once a year when my brain is all tapped out and I need something that is predictable and safe so I’m not hating on Buzzfeed right now, I want to make that clear. My point is really only: I’m bored out of my mind online.

Now, of course, you could argue people just need to make your own site. It’s easy now too isn’t it? But when they do, others can hardly find these blogs. You now need to aggressively promote via all social media and that’s nearly a full-time job. It’s exploitative, it feels dirty.

But the politics of it all grate me. Who can still afford to write good content on the regular, who can afford to publish it? Who can afford not to have filler articles? Who wants to fund ideological initiatives anymore? Who can? 

I wonder how this will evolve too. especially considering the general growth of right-wing liberal ideals. 

Now all right I got stuck in my thesis and one good advice I read in my google vortex was: just start writing, no matter about what. Also, I now really enjoy the program Scrivener. Now let’s try to get back to it. I was gonna try an outfit post soon but I was trying to build a shoe rack and I gave up and my place is a mess. Let’s take a break writing, then build, maybe an outfit later. But writing my way through writer’s block sounds good so maybe I’m back, like, semi-regularly. Hey, who knows. It would be fun for sure.

Side note I couldn’t help myself using a blog title generator because I have a poor sense of humor

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  • ugh, i feel this so much. sometimes when i’m in a really bad mood i read bad headlines out loud in a stupid american accent. like those vapid articles like “kylie jenner bought a new purse and it’s SO revolutionary”, drives me bananas. I hate SEO, and all those readability programs, it’s like you have to totally pick apart your content and remove all personality in order to pass as search-engine-friendly and “readable”.

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