Fluffy times

Yesterday I attended the awesomeness that is Craft Day, something my friends and I have organised and been trying to plan for quite some time now. At first it was only going to be three of us, then four and suddenly we were with seven. Fun times! I managed to make a cat bag for my MacBook!


I call him Oscar and I am proud of its creepiness.

My head went spinning when I realised I had an abundance of fluff left over so I immediately planned to make a cape out of it! I love capes. And I love fluff so…


But I have no idea how to wear it properly! Do I wear a jacket under it? Do I just forget about jackets and prepare for the cold in a blouse or do I let myself freeze altogether and wear nothing under it?


I can take the bitter cold!


Or maybe I’ll protect my gentle skin with a blouse?

I HAVE NO IDEA! For some reason the cape with a blouse (or anything else that’s long-sleeved for that matter) looks just odd to me. Am I just strange?

And what’s under the cape for the curious minds among you:


I love this dress but it squishes my already non-existent breasts. So annoying! BE PERFECT, DRESS, DAMN IT! XD

Everything is second hand or hand-made. Also, I finally set my colours in Photoshop correct but for some reason every time I open up a photo in it the colours are extremely bright but when I save it again, they’re as bland as ever… Odd!


  • the cape shoudl rule the world, with Oscar as its sidekick. the end.

  • Oooh I love that cape! I think it looks good with the dress…maybe with long sleeves, when it’s cold? I don’t know, I’ve never owned such a fierce item in my wardrobe.

  • The cape looks great, and I love your dress – especially with the red tights.

    And how awesome is that cat bag??

  • The cape turned out adorable! I would wear things under it but I cannot stand cold XD.

    Colour settings in Photoshop are a pain! Have you tried adjusting the colour profile in the menu?

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