Functional freaks

Thanks to Isabel I recently watched the amazing tackiness that is Party Monster. Naturally, I had to take some screenshots of the wicked crazy neon fashions myself! I’m accompanying this with a John Waters quote from the article ‘John Waters’ 10 Best Pieces of Advice for Functional Freaks‘ (read it!) because it’s strangely fitting.

“You don’t need fashion designers when you are young. Have faith in your own bad taste. Buy the cheapest thing in your local thrift shop — the clothes that are freshly out of style with even the hippest people a few years older than you. Get on the fashion nerves of your peers, not your parents — that is the key to fashion leadership. Ill-fitting is always stylish. But be more creative — wear your clothes inside out, backward, upside down. Throw bleach in a load of colored laundry. Follow the exact opposite of the dry cleaning instructions inside the clothes that cost the most in your thrift shop. Don’t wear jewelry — stick Band-Aids on your wrists or make a necklace out of them. Wear Scotch tape on the side of your face like a bad face-life attempt. Mismatch your shoes. Best yet, do as Mink Stole used to do: go to the thrift store the day after Halloween, when the children’s trick-or-treat costumes are on sale, buy one, and wear it as your uniform of defiance.”

(I seriously want that jacket.)


  • I always stumble on this film on late night television! (always here meaning twice) Of course, it’s always already halfway in and late so I never stay to watch but I’ve been meaning to see it for yeaaars now.

    So thanks for the reminder :D. Also, I like that Chloe has her own tag on your blog :D.

    • I always stumbled upon random screenshots of Chloë & Macaulay in this movie and was in love with those for obvious reasons, but never found out which movie they came from up until a few days ago! So happy I finally got to see Macaulay as an adult! It’s not a very good movie though haha (but nevertheless pretty entertaining).

      I am so late to the (internet) party but only just recently came to love Chloë (since I recently started watching Big Love again, actually). I am now, in fact, obsessed and she totes needs her own tag.

  • Amazing quote! It’s got me thinking about when I was a teenager and started wearing tweed jackets and vests I found at the Goodwill righte before stores began selling new ones again. I think that’s as crazy as I got, untill I got to first year university and no longer cared about fitting in, and could change three times a day.


  • Ack, I can’t believe I still haven’t seen this movie yet! I love all the shots of Macaulay Kulkin in this movie!

  • MUST WATCH THIS MOVIEEEE 😀 I absolutely adore offbeat movies like “dummy” with crazy characters and equally crazy outfits <3

  • Ach, I love John Waters so much, what a great quote. I love how ridiculous Seth Green is in this (and I usually loathe him.)

  • cool. i didn’t know john waters wrote that. and i love that film. i was a club kid. when you are a real freak though you don’t think you are. it’s just normal for you. i love fantasy in clothing. it’s the best.

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