Girls girls girls

Summer’s here and that calls for a reminiscing of 60s girl groups, because basically they’re the best. The happy, poppy naiveté and its idealism is definitely what attracts most people to the mood of the 60s (and I’d venture to say also repels others…), but personally I also love how there’s a whole group of people working together to make the most singular catchy tunes and mixes them with corny teendream lyrics. But also: the hair, the make up, the dresses. Cat eyes, dainty boys in blown up hair. Big bedazzled and super cute at the same time, there is nothing not amazing about 60s girl groups. Naturally, this is the prelude to a mega girl group post purely designed for gazing at these stylish babes’ superior awesomeness. I couldn’t help making a mix of my most loved tunes as well. Here’s a tracklist, and here’s a download link. Please feel free to share your favourite songs, too, because I can never get enough of girl groups!

All photos taken from The names of the groups are on the image file.


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