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I have a never-ending list of things I’d love to have which obviously includes a lot of clothes. A lot of fluffy clothes. One was a fluffy white bolero with 90s vibes because of the bands, reminiscent of the Michelin guy. Guess what I found this Friday when visiting the flee market? 😀



It’s actually for children so it’s a little too small for me BUT WHATEVER :D. I am, once again, overcome by waves of consumerist guilt though. I promised myself I wouldn’t do any shopping in February, the shortest month of the year! Oh, but it got me thinking though. For as long as I can remember I’ve been locking myself up in my little room with piles and piles of fabric and clothes to layer and combine and end up in my own little fantasy world. I’d dress up like an old lady, like a mermaid and I kind of still do that. Though admittedly a little less fairytale-like. But when I get so much joy out of it and when I really do see dressing up as a hobby of mine, am I still consuming thoughtlessly or am I just passionately acting out my hobby? I don’t know, how do you feel about that? Do you often feel guilty for consuming? I think my main source of intense guilt could be my mother though, who continually questions how much/little we need and who’s known for throwing away everything unnecessary in our lives. She’s even thrown away Persian carpets! And don’t even get me started on my favourite pair of pink shoes! D:

Oh and I haven’t showed the beauty of this dress here yet:


The collar reminds me of the dresses Maggie Chung is wearing in In The Mood For Love! Gaahhh, one of my favourite films ever. I love the story but visually I can’t even begin to describe how I feel for it. It’s so absolutely gorgeous! Too lazy to find/take screenshots so just look here 😀



    • I’ve been wearing my hair in a (vague) 90s way ever since I went to that 90s party omg

    • Haha, I know! 😀 Het jouwe is wel iets groter, ik kan nauwelijks mijn armen buigen XD

  • Ack that dress is divine! How perfect. The jacket is cute too, I love how it actually looks kind of elegant here XD.

    I don’t really feel bad for my own consumerism.. I take care not to spend more money than I have, nor do I buy things that I don’t genuinely love, but I just really easily fall in love with objects and things XDD.
    I never really got the big deal with it. Nothing is good in extremes, but overall, I like to spend money on things that make me happy and I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

    • Yeah, but we’re basically conditioned to BUY BUY BUY and I always wonder, am I being affected by that or do I really want that? Can I ever know if I really, honestly want something? Why do I need these things? Why do I want these things? Why do these things make me happy? etc.
      I think it’s far more than ‘this makes me happy so I’m getting it’. I don’t worry about that, but I worry WHY these things make me happy and why I compulsively want (new) things.

      Also West-Flanders and all :D. Supposedly with our peasant roots we’re all a little averse to consumerism & an overload of things. & It’s kinda true, I see it often.

  • I heard a lot of good things about “In the mood for love”. Is it a good film? Just wondering because the title is catchy.

    ‘Do you often feel guilty for consuming?’
    YES. OMG. Every time I want to buy something, I have to question myself why I need this item, if it’s really a good idea, isn’t it too expensive for what it is, will I wear it often etc etc. So sometimes I wait a couple of days before I actually buy the thing I want. When I’m unlucky the piece/thing is already gone and I feel really depressed. :/
    So now I really must ignore the shops but I want to find more shoes with wedges because those I bought in the H&m are so damn comfortable and easy to walk on. ;_;

    • YES SO MUCH! As said, it’s one of my favourite films of all time! 😀 I have it on dvd, you can borrow it!

      I’m glad you feel guilty too! A lot of my other friends make me feel guilty for feeling guilty! Omg never-ending guilt! Gahhh D:

  • Oh my gosh, you posted a clip from one of my favorite films! I love Maggie Chung and a slightly icky crush on Tony Leung (he looks like this family friend who we used to share a house with so it icks me out a little!)

    I’ve said it before, but I’m constantly feeling guilty about my consumerism. My mom is at times an unabashed consumerist like me, but I used to have an awful pit of guilt in my stomach whenever I realized that my grandfather only ever wore clothes he found in the trash or that my dad had been wearing the same pair of shoes for 15 years. It seems so unnecessary and wasteful to help fuel the clothing industry (especially knowing that clothes from big retailers often end up being discarded or going to the dumpster or burned!) and I feel the best when I don’t have an impulse to consume anything but books, and how rare that is becoming now that I blog about fashion…

    Ahh, sorry for this long rambling comment, but I’m just happy that you regularly acknowledge and critique the consuming impulse we have all been conditioned to have. You’re the best!

    • I’m so glad you feel the same way here too! My friends just tell my I whine too much/overanalyse too much but in a lot of things (okay maybe all of them) in our society I think it’s a good thing and occasionally even necessary to dissect and look at these things/behaviourisms.

  • I LOVE the bolero!
    You are so good at finding fluffy things,
    I never have that kind of luck T.T

  • I can’t believe I forgot to get myself a qipao this Chinese New Year! (My favourite WKW movie is “Happy Together” though.)

    Whenever I feel guilty of buying too much I’ll clear my wardrobe of things that I haven’t worn in a long while by selling or giving them away as a sort of redemption…

  • they are beautiful pieces. a month is a long time to go without shopping, you still did well! 🙂

  • The bolero is gorgous, and the dress is stunning! In the Mood for Love is one of my favourite films of all time – it is such a visual feast, and the story is just heart-breaking.

  • I love your fluffy bolero! It reminds me a jacket from Alice and the Pirates! And the dress is very cute, I always wanted something velvet in this colour, it is velvet right? Or something similar…

  • Stunning outfit. I really like the teeny bolero. It looks right being on the smaller side 🙂

    I need to give your mum my address so the next time she wants to throw a persian carpet out…hahaha


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