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I’m on a dress making rollll! I made this yellow creature on a whim sometime this week when I felt like wearing a babydoll dress. I’ve been wanting to make something like this for ages but never succeeded because I never had enough fabric. This time I just bought a massive bed sheet and decided to use as much fabric as possible and I think I succeeded in making the dress I’ve wanted for so long. Yay! I also dyed it yellow :D. I’m thinking when I have enough time I want to start painting on dresses. I’ve seen it done often in theatre designs and it doesn’t seem difficult at all. I just need to find the right materials, right?

Also, I found this thing of fabulosity in the impromptu trek through my friend’s old house. How awesome is this?


I think it’s a dress but I’m just going to wear it as a massive oversized coat. LOVE.


Finally got the shoes I was whining about over a month ago! My mum gave them to me when I told her they were comfy. Seeing as I don’t own any actual shoes she probably felt sorry for me. They make me feel so SPORTY! Also, they actually support my feet, which is something I haven’t felt in AGES. They are so weirdly looking and I love it!


Surprise shorts! FINALLY. Seeing as I own so many shot skirts and skirts that fly up when I walk in the wind this is such a welcome addition to my wardrobe. Also pulling up my skirt is basically my only dance move. I can finally walk and dance in whatever short dress without worries of flashing anyone! Hurrah! 😀
My friend made this for me with a pattern she quickly drew, yay! I still have the pattern so I can easily keep making shorts now. Next up are bloomers! Totally! 😀


  • I’m laughing with your surprise shorts because I actually didn’t see that one coming. It’s a nice idea because I’m not looking forward on wearing skirts while cycling to the trainstation. :/

    I also like the yellow dress! It looks so comfortable. 😀

    And I don’t know what to think about your new shoes. I like the strange design, form of the shoes. They’re cute. But I’m not a fan of the colour.

    • It’s really easy making shorts, ask Evelien! She made them in an hour (that included pattern making!) *_*

      Agreed, but the colour is so undefinable and so weird that it totally goes with the general strangeness of the shoes imho!! XD When I ended up buying them I felt a little awkward and started hating them but the more I look at them and wear them the more I love their weirdness! So crazy about their awkwardness haha! 😀

  • I love the shorts, ahaha a total surprise but is totally needed, the amount of times my skirt has blown in my face is embarassing haha. Love the dress too, the colour is so cute!


  • Aren’t baby-doll dresses the best? Yours looks awesome!
    And I almost died when I saw the coat, I was not expecting that.
    Love it! <3

  • Yes! paint those dresses….would you use your own designs or pre-existing prints?

    • Oh yes definitely my own designs! I’ve no idea what/how yet but I just need to at least try 😀

  • Ooh, geweldige outfits weer! Ik vind die zwarte sokken met die wedges en dat roze detail echt genius bij elkaar. En die lange stripey jurk/cardigan is epic!!! xxx

  • you are amazing!!!! your blog is fantastic with all the diy and amazing outfits, , so i’ve linked you 🙂 you’ve got a new reader now! Thank You for your lovely comment too <3

  • You know generally I love your stuff really a lots. BUt thats.. short i can’t take it.Love your boots though.

  • Wow the flower in the skirt and dress looks pretty I can take it here. Really European style. Love it.

  • Je bent zo geniaal. Die surprise shorts zijn ook echt heel lieflijk en handig, en dan dat lange gestreepte vest! Ik vind je er koninklijk in uitzien. Ik heb zulke leuke stof gezien op de markt en eigenlijk heb ik ook echt al een hele poos een naaimachine staan die ik bijna niet gebruik… Nu ik die vreselijk leuke jurkjes van jou zie krijg ik echt weer zin om een jurkje proberen te maken. Maar ik raak altijd zo vreselijk gefrustreerd wanneer het niet lukt, dan heb ik helemaal geen zin meer om het af te maken, haha. Die schoenen zijn ook echt leuk, ik heb nog nooit zulk soort schoenen gezien!

    Ik probeer trouwens toegelaten te worden op de kunstacademie in Rotterdam, richting Lifestyle Design. Het is de enige kunstacademie waar ze deze opleiding doen, dus hij is vrij populair en zit al snel vol. Het is een opleiding die heel breed is, het gaat over hoe mensen uitdrukking geven aan hun persoonlijke stijl. Door elk medium dus, kleding, woon en werk omgeving, van alles! Je gaat veel dingen doen met styling en fotografie. Het is niet ec ht een opleiding tot een specifiek beroep, maar je zou dus bijvoorbeel stylist kunnen worden. Het lijkt me echt vreselijk leuk en ik hoop heel erg dat ik toegelaten word. Fingers crossed!

  • OMG ik hou zoveel van de shorts en vooral dat je die vreselijke jurk echt gaat gebruiken :3 ze had liefdevolle eigenaar nodig

  • Haha re: surprise shorts! Didn’t see that one coming! Love the yellow dress, very pretty indeed, and I love the volume!

  • […] This yellow dress that I recently made was based on this one! Gah, I still haven’t reached that level of cuteness but after three times of trying to create something similar I’m just going to give up and settle. […]

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