hello! goodbye!


The first outfits I’ve put up on A Fluffy Blog!

But now my hair is the longest its ever been, I’ve become slightly less messier, my wardrobe isn’t just scraps and pieces but a colour-coded booming amount of gorgeous stuff I never have enough hangers for, I am almost a quarter of a century old and for the first time ever I’m not looking towards my upcoming birthday with immense dread anymore, just like that, no reason supplied. I am a fossil in personal style blogging, and I don’t mind. Yet the personal blogging I fell in love with is vanishing, and that’s okay, yet it doesn’t sit exactly right with me any more. I need space, genuine heartfelt content, freedom in a weird shape of anonimosity. I need an actual you and me. Blogging has proved wonderful in meeting and connecting to a amazing amount of like-minded people, and it’s too beautiful to pass up. However I’ve grown out of my fluffy shell and into another. I want to go elsewhere and with that I want to add more privacy too.

In short, I am moving this blog too perma.pupae.net, my new domain, in two, three days or so, naming it perma pupa (I am permamnently stuck in ongoing tranformations, and maybe I’ll never get rid of my cocoon), and making it a partially members only-read. Not because of any reason other than that I’ve grown weary and distrustful of google and prospective employers. So everyone is still welcome to read everything, and I will have more ease about being personal. While my outfits will show up on my tumblr for those who don’t want to read personal blathering.

Goodbye, hello, come back.


  • Please lend me the password if you indeed make it friends-only!
    Will this site be destroyed, or will you let the domain expire?

    • I will only make it partially members-only, which should mean anyone can register! I’m gonna import this blog into my new one (and possibly make several things members-only), keep this one up for a little while/and or redirect it. I’m not sure because re-directing doesn’t seem to work with domain.com/subdomain, only subdomain.domain.com, which sucks T-T. But then of course not re-directing would mean I’ll have to decide at once which posts I want members only and which ones I don’t but I want to take my time about thinking about that…

      When all is done I’ll update here once more with all the details, I just wanted to give a heads up in case I make a mistake somehow!

      • ::mewlingcat:: So glad I saw this post before you make the move! You’re my favorite ever, I’d miss you too much if I didn’t see your new address. Bookmarked already! ::kiss::

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