Hello hello! My exams are finally over!! I have a good feeling about them, not because I might’ve passed all of them (not at all) but I finally found out how to cram stuff! YAY. Now my future student career looks a little brighter and it was worth all the sighing, moaning and hard work.


pants: WL&T by Walter Van Beirendonck (found via eBay), shoes: market, top: Minju Kim for H&M


More importantly, I dyed my hair again! Hooray! I love new hair colours because, at first at least, I always try to bring out colours that work well with my latest hair and it often ends up with me pulling out a colour or silhoutte combo I’m not used to. Like this casual, whatever-this-is-look. I’m kinda into it. I’m kinda into pants lately! Whoop!

Photo on 26-06-14 at 13.25 #2

blue lipstick: Kryolan theatre make up, eyeliner: Lush, eyelashes: white mascara under blue mascara both HEMA
(not pictured: matching blue glitter nails)

I have some ideas for posts and I have some clothes I’m going to sell soon (every time I look at my wardrobe I decided to get rid of at least one piece so the pile is getting bigger and bigger!) but you need patience because I have a lot of sleep to catch on and lots of movies I wanna watch while stuffing my face the gain back my lost butt thank you.


  • aw your hair looks so good!!!!!! and this outfit is AMAZING.I’m really bad at color-y outfits,black and grey is so easy.but i think im gonna whip out some of my obnoxious colors,just for you! hope youre doing well!! ::humming::

  • Hair is wonderfulllll. Ugh I shoulda gotten that Minju Kim top, so badass but so expensive on ebay now. Anyways, you are inspiring, as always.


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