I eat kleenex for breakfast and use soft hygienic weetabix to dry my tears

Ah, it’s been almost a week since I’ve updated and I didn’t even realise it! I’ve been pretty busy for school: my deadline is Wednesday so I’ve been extraordinarily focussed on working and I’ve left the internet aside mostly. Which is strange because, you know, how else do I procrastinate? By eating chocolate. Anyway since thinking is a thing of the past at this moment here’s an outfit.


This is what I’ve been wearing (or variations thereof) this week when I go out. When I’m inside however, I need some glam and glitter! I found this jacket in the H&M sales:


Sequins! To me, it sort of looks like snakeskin. This vest is just so weird that I had to have it. Also shiny. Yet, I don’t feel like wearing it when I go out. Some might argument that this is because it’s overly dressy, I however say that it’s because I want to be the only one knowing of it’s existence, stroke and hug it and love it with all sorts of passions.


Sequins aside, this is my new anthem:

Seriously that saxophone? Genius! This band + frustration with Adobe programs however do not mix well.


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