I’m back!

Yay! I missed this. I hope you all found me in the end. I finally got WordPress up and running and I adore it! Check out what I did with it. Patterrrnnnssss. Are your eyes bleeding? I hope so.

Now for an outfit!


It was quite early when I took this photo so excuse my haggard face! And ignore the mess in the back ^-^

I don’t know about this outfit, I wanted to go for a Minni Mouse look (because of the bow!) but I rather failed, didn’t I? Well, I loved walking around in it any way ^o^. The teens on the street disagreed with me though. I don’t get. When I wear my yellow or pink tights I get the most ridiculous comments on my legs… I don’t see it as that strange a colour, do you? x_X hmpf

Also, I am utterly in love with the bow on my head! I ordered it from Betty Felon! I couldn’t be happier XD


Illustrating my exitement! ^o^

Look at it! It nearly covers my entire head! *worships*

That’s it for today though, I’m tired n_n. But expect more outfits soon! I’m having mucho fun with it lately! Toodles, dolls!


  • Layout looks great! It’s ridiculously colourful and I love it!

    That bow is sheer perfection! I love that outfit & it’s funny how one element can make the entire city stare at you.

  • Thanks! ^o^

    I love all her bows! She has tartan stuff and everything! *worships* Thank youuu. & indeed but seriously, coloured tights? o_Ɣ?

  • oh yes, definitely get a strange reaction when wearing colored tights. Especially at my older age (lol). Took me a while to find you but yay! šŸ™‚

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