Ironclad mermaid

I am so so busy right now and will be for some weeks to come, so I don’t have time to catch up on comments etc. Sorry! But here’s an outfit I wore to a dress-up party. The theme was ‘comic book heroes & fairy tales’, but I don’t really like either of those and all I really wanted to do was wear this kick ass crown someone once left at my place. First I thought of going as a princes but upon wearing this crown and looking in the mirror I thought, fuck princesses I’m going to be the absolute top of royalty, play a haughty queen and wallow in my fabulosity. Add to that a cape, platforms to seem extraordinarily tall (or in my case: normal size) and some of my great grandmother’s jewellery and you get this.

I recently got these asos thigh high socks. When I saw them on the website I thought they might be waayyyy too long for me as the appear knee high on a super tall model (ps. I am tiny) but I guess the width of my legs stretches them so they don’t come up as high? They actually go up right above my knees but I prefer to wear them this way because they sag otherwise (does anyone else have this problem with knee highs?). The asos website said ‘one size fits all’ but I’m pretty sure that’s a typo and they actually meant ‘one size fits a rigid privileged beauty ideal instead’. Yeah, that must be it. One size fits all pisses me off so bad, I can’t even.

Anecdote interval: I once bought some flowery TopShop tights that also said this but after putting them on for the first time I ripped them right away because the fabric had to be stretched to the max. FYI I am 160cm tall and weigh about 56 kilos (I presume anyway, I don’t ever weigh myself unless drunk in someone else’s bathroom – I don’t have a scale okay!). I.e.: I AM TINY. When thinking about all the sizes a woman comes in this pisses me off to no end but that’s a rant for another day.

I hear the person who left this crown stole this from a Maria statue šŸ™

I couldn’t be bothered to take decent detail photographs w/evs!


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