it’s called fashion?

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Feeling stressed? Overworked even though it seem to do, or to achieve nothing? Unmotivated and empty inside? Aimless? It’s stress! (Probably) Lavendar or yoga might help but in most cases therapy will be your best bet. And good news: you will still feel stress. One way to alleviate (or suppress – it depends) is a good mindless distraction. One that keeps you interested and occupied so your mind will stop racing, but something without too many stimuli. A long winded way to say: I am obsessed with online window shopping. Mostly fashion, naturally. Marvelling at expensive items I’ll never buy, I love it. It gives me nothing and I give it nothing in return.

But then, suddenly, sometimes: I might actually be able to buy this? So I did and this Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garçons marks my first (and most expensive) foray in the high glamour wold of scouring every corner on the internet for second hand clothes.

I have to say I do not regret buying this. I love it. It’s wearable art for me and just fun. Sparks joy, as one might say. I found it on this eBay store which I have since come to love. And on that note I recently came across a more or less doable price for these Ann Demeulemeester boots. Happy retail therapy to you all and goodnight.

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