it’s not up to you

Obviously I’ve immersed myself into Vulnicura, Björk latest album, already. But with every Björk album I grow closer and deeper and more entertwined. It’s a time process of getting to unravel so many sensitivities, let alone the music itself. So I want to revist a song I need to revisit often: It’s Not Up to You. Because it’s not up to you.

Because because beacuse I feel so often:

I wake up
And the day feels


How do I master
The perfect day
Six glasses of water
Seven phonecalls



It’s not up to you
Oh it never really was
It’s not up to you
Oh it never really was
It’s not up to you
Well it never really was
It’s not up to you

Whatever feels out of your hands, might just be out of your hands and you need to leave it alone. And anyway, it might just happen.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 21.46.21

Unthinkable surprises
About to happen
But what they are

It’s not up to you

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 21.47.28

There is so much pressure, everything seems to tall to climb. Everything feels broken



It’s not up to you and you can let it go.

video 1 & 2

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