All-clad in Minju Kim for H&M. I was so excited for this collection that when I realised it wasn’t sold locally it didn’t take long to convince my current top-student-self to skip class and go ahead to Anwterp and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been wearing this collar pretty much constantly! I really adore Minji Kim’s wonderful stylized organic line-play. I love a good line. I love a good drawing. I love a piece of good clothing, and this combines it all. It was meant for me. It was meant for many. And I can’t wait to see how Minju Kim’s collections evolve! In her original collection for the H&M designer contest her silhouettes were so spot-on, big and fluffy (did you see that little bear-suit in blue and white?) yet extremely feminine and incredibly stylized. What matters, too, to me is that this collection was inspired by Junji Ito, also particularly brought out in the collar! But it only has faint traces of Junji Ito alongside Minju Kim’s personal traces, which I personally adore. Still, the shoes do definitely remind me of manga or anime. Not of Junji Ito, but manga or anime robots, and more specifically Neon Genesis Evangelion (but this is probably because I’ve recently been bingeing on it though).




I considered re-selling the shoes but I find they go pretty perfect colour-wise but also style-wise with my beloved gifted and thrifted Sonia Rykiel vest, which has pretty much become my go-to coat because it’s comfy warm and makes me feel loved and cute. So I’m keeping them. Considering, too, that I’m a student now and am forced to sit on my butt all the time it’s all good.



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