coat: gift/second hand, dress: hand-made, shirt: second hand, socks: asos.com, shoes: dr.martens, earrings: second hand, cardigan: second hand

Due to boredom but also interest I once asked anon questions via tumblr. Now, I am genuinly interested and super psyched about getting more in contact with anyone reading this, so please always feel free to ask me questions, until I say stop, because inevitebly I will say stop as social contact tires me quickly. But lately I haven’t had that much forced social contact so if you ever wanna ask something or request a post please feel free, anon or not via tumblr, via comments here or via e-mail! One, or more, person(s) has asked me to do a video, and I will shoot one about my wardrobe once I have the time, will and courage for it. A friend and I once had the idea to do a video of our personal slack DIY ethics mixed with fun and cocktails, which is how we usually make stuff, maybe that will happen too one day. Maybe. We are so lazy though. So lazy.


Anyway, an outfit post of one of my current favourite dresses! I made this one last year and completely forgot about it until a couple of months ago, it still being stashed away with my unfinished projects. I modelled this one on this dress (literally just drew the outline on my fabric). It’s so cute and simple and comfy, I think I’ll make more of these, my next one possibly being in orange!


Tomorrow I am leaving for France for a couple of days with my parents for a family ocassion and I’m excited because all my parents do is eat delicious food and drink amazing wine. Hopefully we’ll get to a couple of museums too and then all will be perfect! Also, saturday’s my birthday, I will be a quarter of a century old and still I get confused for a young teen.


  • Going to start a Pinterest board with back to school looks and totally going to plaster tons of outfits from your blog cause your style is purrrfect.

  • Cutest outfits always! Love your colour combinations šŸ™‚ I’ve always got a few projects on the go, but especially clothing projects take me so long to actually complete! Keep up the cute work colour queenie!

  • yay! was one of the persons who asked 4 a vid on tumblr. so excite to see it!

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