My public blogging will possibly grow sporadic or totally still for a while; I feel so slow and heavy and exhausted and tired right now and I want to never ever have to communicate ever again, I just wanna go to sleep for two years. (To those who have e-mailed me or left a perfect comment; I will get back to you eventually!) Depression is a lot of fun, but least at this stage I get to sleep.

bottom top: h&M, top top: second hand, skirt: gift, bottom skirt: hand-made, sweater: gift/second hand, boots: gift/second hand, tights: h&m

Though I couldn’t by taking decent pictures of this outfit, I love it; I love the layers and the textures and the colours and the patterns and my boots. Half of this was given to me! People know me so well.

& Big sweaters like this are my favourite thing ever since I got my first big pink one that is so reminiscent of the one Prada made a couple of years back. They’re so comfy and soft and so so warm and I just want to wear them forever and and curl up and fall asleep.


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