Hello, my lovelies! Today, I could not withhold from posting because, in my eyes, I found the most beautiful and girly dress! First though, let’s recollect some memories!


I found this coat when I was around seventeen in a great second hand designer shop (this was my very first thrift!), owned by an even greater moustached man. That year, I continued to wear this coat so often that, to this day, one of my best friend’s boyfriend still calls me ‘Leopard’! Ha! Oh how I cherish thee, sweet, velvet leopard coat! Apparently it was either owned by or designed by a famous Belgian designer… but I forgot who! Whoops.


You can wear it in different ways, too! XD And also, no, I cannot stop wearing my beloved fluffballs!


It’s very see-though but oh so divine! This was on a mannequin at my very favourite charity shop and I never thought I’d find something as remotely cute as this! It’s just the soft and girly dress I’d been looking for! Oh and the details! The details!


I love this new dress so much that this is the second time I’m wearing it this week! Mind you, being the clothes-obsessed freak that I am, I haven’t been able to dress in the same outfit or dress for two days or more in a week in over two or three years. Kyaaa! I’m a freak indeed.


Oh lush!

Beret is from Veritas, tights from an old, closed shop and the rest is second hand as always! ^o^


  • I’m in love with the dress and it looks *great* with yellow! I love this outfit!
    Those berets at Veritas are awfully expensive T_T. I want to get the yellow one too (already have the orange) but damnit, money!
    & Shame on you for forgetting the designer of the coat! XD

  • Indeed they are but I thought it was worth it! *_* I hardly ever buy anything above five Euro so I can easily justify a thirteen Euro beret anyway XD

  • Ahhh everything in this post is amazing! I love the coat and dress, and I LOVE your hair with that hat, and the tights.. you look adorable and lovely!!

  • Indeed, I do love that dress in all it’s pink glory. The coat is ah-maz-ing! I had a coat for many yrs a snow white black faux fur with white trim, I hope it’s still in storage back home…

  • Thanks girls!

    Pansy: I was afraid my hair looked absolutely crazy with the beret but now that you mention you love it I’ll be sure to not be so afraid to wear it then! XD

    Eyeliah: That coat sounds amazing! I hope you find it again *_*

  • Thank you, girls! ^o^

    And yes, Jen, yellow tights are made of PURE GENIUS! XD They’re the best *_*

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