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I recently started my summer job as a museum supervisor. Though it’s undeniably dull, I kind of love it because basically I’m getting paid to pace around beautiful objects, stare at people, read and sit. It’s strangely tiring though so I might forget to regularly post and comment. I am currently also pretty ill so basically I should have no energy left but I kind of want to take my time for a little rant anyway. It’s about And it’s about me being pissed off.

So, I used to be a huge Jezebel fan. When I first started reading it, it took a refreshing not-so-very-ranty approach to feminism. It was witty, insightful and intelligently written. But this past year I’ve noticed a huge downfall, and when I occasionally come back for reading rare well-written and awesome articles I mostly close my browser window after five minutes, being incredibly pissed off at the fake feminism they’re now mostly promoting. I think I feel the strongest hate for the Dress Code series and when I checked Jezebel this morning I could not believe the approach they took was even more offensive. There’s this article, in which they give advice for ‘petite ladies’… They start off summing up the usual shit you find in those dreadful ladymags. I then think, obviously they are going to dismiss this because ‘dressing for your figure’ is complete and utter bullshit and, in my humble opinion, also completely anti-feminist because why the fuck should I ever want to want to dress to conform to this really stupid, archaic but mostly insultingly generic “ideal” of a woman today? I’m going to quote this utterly perfect definatalie post and say:

Restricting and policing women (and men, but women are certainly the overwhelming focus of body and fashion criticism in the western world) and their fashion choices under the guise of helping them look more palatable to other people is harmful and hurtful. That we are indoctrinated into feeling indebted to people for pointing out our “flaws” feeds into the cycle of shame, and the endless pursuit of some kind of really boring and generic idea of beauty.

But you know what they did instead? THEY ADD MORE INSULTING TIPS.

I admit, this is a personal and fairly arbitrary reason to dismiss a blog, but this isn’t the only anti-feminist thing they’ve published recently. In that same day even they published an article that, although seemingly trying to avoid criticising a woman’s body and her choices revolving around food, they are VERY OBVIOUSLY DOING IT ANYWAY.

So I seriously ask, how is this still seen as a feminist blog? Jezebel went from being the feminist answer for insulting women’s magazines to the ladymags it so supposedly hates (aside from some occasionally post that are errr … is mostly republished). And I am just ranting about the smallest facet of a myriad of problems in Jezebel lately here.


  • I really hate dress code articles that explain to me what and what not I should wear. It reminds me of a ‘trinny and suzanna’ book my mother has and explains which colours I shouldn’t wear because of my light skintone. Or what I should not wear because of my pear-shaped body shape… Excuse me, but fuck that shit. I’m going to wear stuff I like. D:<

    Also wha? You work in a museum. I thought you were working for cirque de soleil? Oh well. You like your job so that's the most important thing. I am now getting ready because apparently the job I worked at gave us less money then we were supposed to earn.

    I also like the outfit. 😀

    • Exactly! So it particularly enrages me that a supposed feminist blog publishes an article like that. Of course, it’s only meant as “advice”, or as in the words of Jezebel “helping you realistically navigate the treacherous retail waters”. I kind of want to know how the “avoid breaking up your body with colour blocks” is retail advice exactly? GEESH

      I got a last-minute offer to work there so I greedily took it as it’s closer and I get to work more hours = more money 😀

      Thanks 😀

      • Well we can always choose to ignore their ‘advice’. Most of the time I do.
        I still watch styling programs tbh. When I see those insecure woman who hates herself turn into someone who is secure and happy with herself because of the styling advice she got, then it makes me happy. But sometimes I think those styling people are total cunts though. So I don’t know. I do understand that some might find those styling tips usefull. What enrages me more are articles about weight or seeing commercial about diet pills or if people write/say/etc “Drugs and booze make you fat, that’s why you shouldn’t use/drink!!!!1!” instead of saying that it’s bad for your body healthwise.

        Ah how good! The company I worked for ttly screwed me and my workmates over money-wise. D:<

        • Yeah sure, but personally, I cannot see how that’s feminist clothes advice. See definatalie quote.
          I wonder if those people really end up being happy? Some might because maybe the producers might just pick out the people with shallow insecurities ^^. I did once see one with this super awesome woman who wore the most dreadful clothes (rainbow sweaters aka awesomeness) but was super happy in them! Sadly, they got rid of all of that and made her wear whatever generic trend was in at the time and you could just see she did now feel good in them but she wore them anyway because everyone said she looked good. It was so sad ;_;


  • I used read Jezebel greedily everyday, but I’m less fond of it now. I think it’s one of those blogs that priviledges quantity of posts over quality – they might get more page visits etc, but do they get reader satisfaction? I’m not sure.

    Congratulations on the job! Nice jacket too – looks like one for riding.

  • i am a long time reader of your blog and like it and like your fashion posts, and i’m going to make my very first (long) comment.

    i could kind of see what you are saying for the most part, but you know, a lot of women WANT and LIKE fashion and styling advice. you CAN be a feminist and want such advice too.
    i appreciate your opinion, and you are passionate about clothes and fashion and know exactly what you like to wear obviously, so those columns aren’t really for you. there are people out there who don’t know any better on how to dress and just don’t have opinions on it, or dont think that they are worth wearing nice clothes, don’t know where to start with buying clothes, and don’t have time to think about clothes, or have jobs where they need to look presentable but still want to look like themselves, and these types columns and advice are very useful for them. it provides a framework and some guidance for people who simply don’t know where to start, and then they can take it from there and do their own thing. not everybody is a 20 something college kid who’s passionate about fashion. but you have no right to get mad at jezebel for fashion advice posts because YOU dont want it. its advice. you can choose to take it or you can choose to ignore it, but there is nothing wrong with it being there for people who want it.

    • I haven’t whined about it for a very long time just because I could see where they’re coming from but just because of the reason they’re taking a completely wrong and, in my opinion, anti-feminist turn I wanted to rant a little.To me it seems they’re advising women with in the back of their minds one mould of generic woman who hides her “flaws” etc. I find they could’ve said “How to dress for your first work day” and write about how people expect people in that situation to look so and so and where to find such clothes. But writing an article about small women and advising them to avoid certain things is frankly insulting to me because to me it seems they’re moulding women into one generic thing. See definatalie quote.

      I thought I made this clear in my post.

      And by the way, everything I post here is my own opinion and not something I try to tell other people to do/think/etc. ^^ of course. This is my own forum for my own thoughts.

  • I want your job!! And your spotty tights and socks!!
    Gahhh, i’ve never really been able to get into Jezebel for reasons that they do posts like that :/…and er, haven’t got much more to add, you’ve said it all, hah! I really need some more feminist blogs/sites to read at the moment, though, i won’t be trying out Jezebel again now 😉

    AND YES THERE IS AN ADAM GREEN/CARL BARAT DOCUMENTARY!! You should most definitely look it up-wait until you get to the poet the Worm Lady-she is amazing!!!!

    Hope you’re feeling loads better soon and until then-enjoy the hilarity!

    • To me, those articles are fairly new though, and I’ve been reading Jezebel for a couple of years now. But maybe they’ve always sort of been there and I never noticed them before and maybe it’s just because I am maybe sort of redefining my own ideas of feminism right now? I dunno!
      I’ll think of some blogs for you!


      • Ahhh, well i haven’t known about it for that long so that’s probs why! Shame though, from the way you first described it it sounded rather refreshing 🙁
        Ohhh yes! If you know any good blogs please do share, hehe!

  • You’ve kind of pinpointed something I’ve been trying to verbalize for a while – the ‘dressing for your figure’ part. I’ve been thinking for a while now about this concept of dressing to suit you and what it means – who decided that a short girl should dress to look taller? or big girls look thinner? What is with this idea of ‘illusion’ that suggests that girls need to distort the way they really look? Who created this idea and why is it the norm? Why is ignoring these ‘rules’ considered subversive? When did dressing for you become challenging the social norm? – just a few things I’ve been thinking about.

    But I’m really happy to know that I’m not the only one who feels that this thing is bullshit. Also, you’re outfit is beautiful and I love the ruffle at the top of your blouse! eeep. x

  • Love your outfit. For some reason I love it especially with the jacket on. There’s something slightly androgynous about it that I really like.

    As for Jezebel… I’m not a fan of ‘dress code’ either. It’s not bad enough to make me pissed off, but I definitely notice a lack of articles I actually find interesting. I think it’s really good to call them out though, some more people should, because I feel like Jez needs to sit back and think about the direction they’re heading.

    • Thing is the new direction Jezebel is taking is, I suppose, a less harsh sort of feminism and although they’re quite obviously losing their old readers I am sure they’re getting ten new readers for every old reader they’re losing. They’re so very obviously reaching out to ‘the masses’ with their articles that are optimised for more traffic nowadays, a less intelligent approach etc. etc. Ughhhhhhh

  • Working in a gallery is so awesome *_* And I looooove the second picture, it looks like such a darling school uniform with a kick ass twist with those garter tights!
    Labels are SO lazy though, girl with oversized shirt with short cropped hair = butch, guy in tight shorts= gay.
    Screw it all! We wear whatever makes us feel like heroes in our own stories.

  • ah, right on! another girl who sees right through Jezebel.

    I came here to thank you for your insanely kind and supportive comment on my fashion blues post (thanks you, thank you!), but now I feel like I need to mention the Jezebel article that ended it for me!

    I’m not sure how long you’ve been reading my blog, but a while back Jezabel mentioned me in a post that was spun into some kind of back handed compliment to bloggers who they consider to be the “marthettes” (martha stewarts) of our generation. part of it was flattering, but there was still this feeling of jealousy too. it was very strange.

    Here’s the article:

    And here’s my response:

    I think Jezebel has decent topics, but it’s the articles and the way they go about them that just seem wrong.

  • you’re right, Jezebel does say some appalling things. what gets me is that they have these beautiful articles tampered by tiny jolts of cattiness. for example, one of my readers said this:

    “There are those blogs out there that can be a little Martha-esque, and I’ll admit that there have been the occasional posts that make me mourn my dumpy, boring lifestyle, but I think the author refutes her own point with her romanticized images: with the right camera angle and lighting, anyone can make their life look glamorous! ”

    The articles that were meant to be pretty are in fact the opposite because of comments like “with the right camera angle….blah, blah, blah.”

    I never read Jezabel before that article, and frankly, I’ll never read it again. I’ve never read the Tavi article, but the comments aren’t all that surprising. She deals with quite a bit of jealousy, even outside of the Jezabel world. People like to tare her down b/c she’s such a young and unique creator with the coolest soul you’ll ever find in any other 13 year old. It’s that catty, jealous part of the world that I wish never made it to the blogging arena, but I guess that’s too much to ask.

  • I’m so glad you like the shoes and the skirt 😀 It looks much more nicer on you!
    I also agree with the rant about jezebel, I usually don’t even bother to read their ‘how to dres.. blabla’ articles.

  • By the way, Celine and I were talking about see-through clothing. We were bothered that it is so-called “wrong” to wear a black/dark bra underneath a see-through white top. So, yay, I’m glad you do it too. You probebly don’t even think about it, but whatever 😀

  • I’ve never read Jezebel, but I do see your point when it comes to the whole style advice / wear-what-suits-your-figure stuff. I always struggle with these things. I like to read fashion magazines (even the ones that are all about what-to-wear-and-how-to-hide-when-you-hit-30), and I often think that it makes me a bad feminist. I don’t know why I still watch What Not to Wear, even if every episode makes me enraged and furious. Maybe I am just curious? Maybe I want to know what I am up against? Having said that, I still struggle with style issues. It is tempting to forget about what you really want to wear when there is so much crap out there, telling me what I SHOULD look like. But I WILL wear bright polka-dots even if I am 32, and I WILL try to be brave about showing my collarbone even if a thousand women tell me that I look anorexic doing so.

  • ya dress codes in general are horrible. though they are fun to parody. as in i do like school uniform-ish looks that sort of thing. but anything that tells women how to dress is best ignored! Jezebel does irk me. i like Bust in attitude more. and not listening to anyone 🙂

    anyway, came here to say, yey there they are! the garters that is.

  • Hey I didn’t see this one! I will do a Fluffy megapost on my blog 🙂 I still haven’t properly posted you. I love your outfits of course, but maybe that is obvious.

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