This weekend I had a revelation and realised I wear a lot of pink, so I tried to challenge myself into wearing no pinks or reds for a whole week.

Socks:, shoes: neosens, everything else: second hand

That is, until I put on a sweater without thinking about it.

It is Tuesday and I failed already! šŸ˜€

Obviously the super warm sweater is to compensate for the coldness that my legs experience, because it’s totally freezing outside. However, I am being irresponsible in regards to this because if I’m being honest I really love how my legs look in mini skirts so damn the cold and damn everyone who comments negatively on short skirts! Viva upper thighs!

Also, I was wearing this when menstruating and thanks to my new menstrual cup I felt completely comfortable flaunting my upper thighs and underwear, unlike when I was using… everything but a menstrual cup. YAY for environmentally friendly female hygiene products!

Check out my really weird and/or creepy cat barrettes, too:

The anthropomorphism of the light blue ones really freak me out.


  • The yellow shirt and tennis skirt are both amazing. I love a shirt with a strong collar and struggle to find any that I can afford or in my size. Your blue socks are a wonderful highlight to the rest of the outdit too. With the barrettes and your light hair, you have a bit of a Margot Tennebaum thing happening.

    Whimsical outfit, as ever.

    Thank you so much for noticing and commenting on my blog.


  • HASN’T YOUR MENSTRUAL CUP CHANGED YOUR WHOLE ATTITUDE TOWARD YOUR PERIOD? I know mine has! Even though it was a struggle the first time, it’s been sooo worth the learning curve.

    • YESSSS I never had an overly negative about periods themselves but all the THINGS that came along with it made me all >:(
      And now I am just whatever let it flowwww~ IT IS AMAZING
      Also! I never even had a learning curve, there is so much amazingness in one product I just can’t even deal, I wish more women and girls knew about it!

  • Menstrual cups RULE. Seriously, everyone who menstruates should seriously consider getting one. It makes your whoooole period immensely better AND it’s way, WAY cheaper than buying tampons.

    Cup rants aside, super cute outfit! You do the best color-blocking.

    • YESSS, or you know, everyone who menstruates and is comfortable about a more intimate relationship with their vagina ^_^. I could talk about it forever! IT LIGHTENS AWFUL CRAMPS TOO OMG

      Thank you šŸ˜€

  • After so much positive feedback about the menstrual cup – I`m in! I`v been thinking about getting one, but haven`t heard any positive/negative reviews of it, so now that I have (and they`re all positive!) Im going to get one tomorrow when I go to the city. Thank you!
    And the outfit is so awesome! Love your legs (in a non creepy kind of way).


    • Thanks! If you ever need more info on menstrual cups (and positive and negative reviews!) I highly suggest this community:

  • I love the pink sweater: it just *pops*!

    And I don’t think you’ll find many objectors to the slogan “Viva upper thighs!”

    As to the rest of the discussion, I’ll, erm (blushes) leave you girls to it . . . .

  • Aaaah this outfit is so perfect!! Love the pops of primary colours! (don’t I always?!)

    I have to admit I joined the cup cult some time ago! Did take me a while to get used to it, but now that I have, I’m definitely a convert!

  • Wow, I had never heard of a menstrual cup until this post! I know that obviously wasn’t your focus, but I actually quite enjoy the concept and am glad that you linked to the wiki page. I love your sweater, and completely agree on the skirt thing! Viva La revolucion, viva la upper thighs in cold weather!

    • Yay! I am glad a random mention and a link about it introduced some people to the concept anyway! If you ever want more info about that, I suggest this helpful community:

  • Eline, I become more and more in love with your blog with each post – this look is just incredible, and I love how you “failed” your challenge on the first day! I would probably do the same thing, my favorite color is red!

  • I actually own very few pink clothes/accessories! Which is sad because I just can’t get enough of the colour pink! But then again I think I over compensate by practically everything else I own being pink or red (no joke). Anyways, enough of my babbling. You look awesome! There’s nothing about this outfit that I don’t like! Oh and I LOVE creepy cat barrettes.

    • Haha I love random babbling in comments! I pretty much always end up buying pink things that aren’t clothes, too though! See my bookcase, but also headphones, laptop case, and you know basically everything that is available in a bright candy pink! :’D

  • WHEEEE I LOVE YOUR STYLE AND YOUR COLOR PALLETTES AND YEAHHH ITS ALL SO FREAKING INCREDIBLE! And I’m majorly lusting over that shirt. Like. I think it would make a great addition to my closet. Like. Do you want to send it to me? Hehehe. Just kidding. (Kind of. Not really.)

    • Aaah! If I had a double I would definitely send it to you because I totally agree that you need in in your wardrobe! šŸ˜€

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