Long time no see!

It’s been a while! Have you missed me? I hope so! After my last post I worked hard to finish my work for school and the day after I got great reviews! So from then on I found myself in a whirlwind of parties and general fabness! It had been so long since I got the change to do… well, nothing really. That I stayed away from blogging here for a while. Parties first, I say! Stupidly, of course I attended a party or something similar every day and ended up over-exhausted so needles to say I found myself completely incapable of going to school this Monday and I have lied in bed moaning ‘Why must my life be this hard?’ ever since. Now, I finally got up (after over fourteen hours of sleep T_T) and here I am.


Aaah, you can still see the sleep in my eyes (and well, whole body, really!). My sweet, sweet new MacBook (I call him Edgarrr!) arrived last week, too. So now I have a new Photoshop and I’m sad to say that I still haven’t set the colours etc. right. So ignore the somewhat weirdness of the colours maybe. Blah.

And Edgarrr isn’t the only new thing in my life! I also got a new bookshelf and chair from my parents! (I really needed that, you should’ve seen this place before T_T)


It’s PINK! And SINHY! PINK & SHINY! PINK & SHINY! PINK & SHINY! PINK & SHINY! I mean, isn’t my bookcase just… ULTIMATE?! And a red chair to go with  my latest obsession of combining pink & red! XD *loves*

Oh and in case you haven’t noticed I de-coloured my hair because I’m finally on my way to pink hair!

And last but certainly not least I got an award from the insanely lovely Andrea from a cat of impossible colour & Skooter from Pink Blue Whale Fashion! Yay!! You honour me too much, girls, too much! XD


And I am so very, very proud to be able to give this to my very best friend who just started a blog of her own! Evelien Leona! She has only started her blog since Friday and I’m already in love! I’m so happy I can finally stalk her through a blog since she doesn’t live in the same town as I any more. Mwahaha, I am slowly turning everyone into bloggers and I am proud. So anyway check out Evelien’s blog because I love her XD

That’s it for today, I need some coffee first or… more sleep XD


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