Love comes in spurts! Oh no! It hurts!

This night I dreamt I was a gay man joining a religious cult which stirred the world. The whole population had to move because our country literally broke in three pieces. Ocean was flowing where it’d never before flowed, people were fleeing. My boyfriend had to have brain surgery in this mess of a panic-struck population! It was an intense moment since all doctors were busy so he had to cut open his skull himself. Out came poring the rainbow-coloured muck that drips out of all brains in my world. He was doing fine until I suddenly noticed the rainbow-coloured brain juice had dripped on a Ken doll!! Oh no! This meant that the Ken doll would came alive! And so he did. The Ken doll was furious he’d been woken from his eternal plastic dreams and decided my boyfriend and I needed to be killed. Ken took his rainbow-induced powers, took a knife and slashed my boyfriend to death in an instant. I ran! Naked! I don’t know why I was naked! But I was naked! On my way I naturally found a pink petticoat I could hide my nudity in and I fled into a jewellery shop. When I told them I was attacked by a rainbow-coloured-muck induced Ken doll no one believed me.

So there you go, even my dream world is a sad and surreal place. But mostly rainbows. Also cats (occasionally).

Today I couldn’t find any pair of black tights that was still whole! Let me show you why this is a bad and unbelievable thing:


Yeah. So anyway, I put on some thigh-highs/high-thighs/knee-highs/high-knees? You know, socks. Because believe it or not, I have another drawer completely reserved for socks. Though it’s smaller! 😀



I took this one by accident but I thought I’d upload it because it details the cute fabric!


Ignore my expression, it’s my morning face. I’m not a morning person :D. Where’s my tenth cup of coffee?

I realise I shouldn’t be dressing this light especially since I’ve been plagued by all sorts of season-changing plagues as of late but I couldn’t help myself! I am wearing shorts and another skirt under that dress though. It’s pretty hard not to dress this light since I’m never cold these days any more! Ah well, it’s the universe tricking me once more.

Dress: Topshop, shoes: some Italian designer, angora wool cardigan (yay fluffy warmness): Mango, socks: Claire’s or H&M, jacket: Promod, belt: H&M, leopard printed scarf: from friend who literally found it blowing in the wind.


  • Actually. It wasn’t that cold today? I dressed really warm and I was sweating. D’: DO NOT WANT.

    OMG ARE YOU WEARING YOUR AWESOME PIRATE-BOOTS? I dunno. I remember you had this pair of boots that I named pirate boots, because they look piraty and awesome. Been ages since I’ve seen those.

    & your dream scares me. I thought I had a freakish weird dream a few weeks back, but I was wrong! D’:

    • Maar ik ben kei paranoia om weer ziek te worden D:

      Ja dat zijn mijn pirate boots ;D. AAARRR!

      • Kay ik draag gewoon zo wollen trui en sweet mij te pletter, maar liever dat dan te koud? D: Ook al vind ik zweet walgelijk.

        Haha XD yayz

  • hehe. I take my photos super early in the am too it is a stretch to look awake! That dream sounds like you are getting ready for Halloween – creepy.

  • Your sock drawer looks so much like my sock drawer! I used to just layer the ripped ones over each other since the rips are usually in different places.

    Cutest of cute outfits!

  • This outfit is beautiful! I totally love it!!
    I also love how your hair looks, that length suits you very well! ^-^

  • The pile of tights made me smile. My drawer is just the same and gets emptied on a regular basis, onto the floor to simply find a black pair!

    Love your blogs 🙂


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