Love Hangover

I don’t really have anything to say but look at this dress! I rediscovered it lying between a pile of clothes that needed to be mended. I remember I found this on the flee market in this old dusty, treasure-like chest and it was literally stuck together of all the dirt and dust but I just knew that as soon as I’d washed it, it’d be fabulous. Sadly though it had tears all over and the whole thing had an air of slight disintegration. It still does but I managed to poorly sew the biggest tears and I just grew to love the disintegrated fabric. The back is closed by push buttons and they always fall open as soon as I move my shoulders and pout my belly but I guess I’ll sew some fabulous buttons on it instead, wear it 24/7 in the summer and wallow in my air pink of fabulosity.

Of course with mend I mean randomly punch holes in some fabric with a needle that preferably has some fabric in it while watching Fringe and being disappointed by the current storylines.

I got this dress and cardigan for one Euro, too. Flee markets ftw!

I like these colours together.

Other than that, I’ve also been reading some Chekhov and I am so. in. love. I remember reading Chekhov when I was 15 or so but I don’t remember a thing but loving it and after I’d gotten over my Russian classics phase and moved over to Modern English classics phase I’d completely forgotten about him and his characters. This man knows how to write a story, but more importantly he knows how to write characters. They’re not always fully rounded, nor do they always seem fully real but somehow they manage to touch the core of an idea of a person and he does it so elegantly that, even though I’ve only just read The Sea-Gull and Three Sisters (disregarding the stories I’ve read and forgotten at fifteen) I just needed to write this paragraph and recommend him to anyone who hasn’t read him yet. Though I totally get that his stories aren’t for everyone, as they tend to be slightly boring if you don’t read between the lines, I think it should be obligated reading for everyone regardless. Definitely, considering the last post I wrote in which I was pissed about the lack of real female characters because Chekhov writes some really kick ass women’s roles, most notably in Three Sisters which is about lost dreams and basically just life as it tends to be for most people.

Chekhov being fabulous.


  • Wow, what a find! It looks gorgeous on you šŸ™‚
    Fringe going down the drain then? I haven’t watched this season yet .. oh well. Can’t be as bad as the Lost let down. šŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the book recommendation!

  • First, awesome dress!
    Second, what do you mean you don’t like the Fringe storylines?? They are total awesomeness!! (And they just got renewed for the 4th season!) šŸ™‚
    And third: Chekhov. Oh, The Cherry Orchard. Should read it again.

    • I AM CRAZY IN LOVE WITH FRINGE but I’m kinda iffy about the most recent storylines and uhm… just in case you or anyone else hasn’t seen every single episode that has come out yet this is going to be a spoiler! … they way they treated the pregnancy and the pregnancy itself tbh! is so incredibly lame but also handles super typically for a lazy storyline! I mean, accelerate the pregnancy? And also have a pregnancy to get back at Peter and stuff? What? All I’m waiting for is the child in question to grow up unusually fast as well to have a very lazy and typical (sci-fi) storyline. I mean, I’m just so scared this will become like Lost so I’m extra cautious for bad storylines ;_;

      • I thought that the pregnancy was a little predictable, but it does open up more options for the whole storyline of “stolen child – Peter as part of the machine – Walter’s past /Walternate’s future in testing with children”, so I think I’m okay with it. It also humanizes Fauxlivia, which I think is good. I agree that the pregnancy acceleration was a little silly… but I think they had no choice because it looked like the show might get cancelled, and if they wanted the child to play any role, they had to get him out sooner. It will be interesting to see how they’ll handle it from here, and I agree that there is a real danger of them focusing too much on the Peter/Olivia/Fauxlivia triangle or that the baby will end up being some weird superhero baby… but all in all Fringe is pretty unpredictable, so I hope that they keep things that way now that they got their renewal!

        • Oooh that’s a good point! But it’s just that several episodes have disappointed me as of late and though I still have faith in the writers I’m truly scared of the show’s future especially regarding the triangle thing but also about the new focus on more spiritual and a belief in God things rather than focussing on the science and trying to explain every little thing with science. I mean, I think I heard Walter say something like that not everything works via science or at least he said something about how science doesn’t always operate via the same rules or something, I forgot! But I am missing the Fringe that played tricks on our minds with hidden clues and references to older episodes and oh yeah I also miss the references to other sci-fi. But maybe they’ve just been doing this storyline and added the personal drama and stuff because they were scared of getting cancelled? Oh I hope so!
          I’m psyched about the renewal regardless though! šŸ˜€

  • Oh wow, I can’t believe you found both of those for one euro. Even though thrift stores here are still way cheaper than buying new, the prices aren’t that bargain basement! I splashed out on a thrifted dress today which was $30 and I feel bad about it, although it’s still cheaper than a brand new one. We don’t really have flea markets either. Damn New Zealand and its lack of history/old crap.

    Anyway, I love your outfit. The colour of those pieces are amazing together. What era is that dress?

  • That dress is indeed awesome! I have so many dresses with worn-out fabric and that’s fine but it can be annoying because they also tear easily when you wear them. Though I’m usually alright with sleeveless dresses.

    I read Chekhov for Dutch in highschool but not since. I did like it though. I should look for a copy, indeed!

    • There’s lots of stuff from him on Gutenberg! Not in Dutch obvs, but I figure whatever both the translations are decent enough.

      • Of course there is! Why is that still not the first thing I think of when I need a book :D.
        And yeah, if you’re gonna read a translation anyway it doesn’t really matter what language. Aside for maybe some authors who seem better suited for particular languages somehow.

        • Obviously you don’t yet fully realise the amazingness of Gutenberg! That’s okay, the awesomeness is too much to handle sometimes.

          IDK I think it depends on whoever the translator is sometimes because I think they can bring an extra element to it. Like I think Slauerhoff adds something to some Baudelaire translations, Ezra Pound probably to some Chinese poems translations (not that I know how the poems are in Chinese of course but Slauerhoff also translated some Chinese poems and I very much prefer the translations of Pound). Oh and the other day I read that Gabriel Garcia Marquez said the English translation of One Hundred Years of Solitude actually improved his original work *_*. Totes going to reread it and compare it even though I don’t really remember the Dutch version language-wise XD WHATEVER IT’S MY FAVE MARQUEZ.

  • Mooie jurk! Not bad voor een eurotje! En vind het vest/jasje ook heel mooi. Ik herken het ‘reparatie’ verhaal, haha. Het Fringe gedeelte ook trouwens, meh.

  • I love Russian literature. War and Peace has been my latest conquest.
    Thanks for reading my blog btw, even though you commented ages ago (im a techno-moron). Oh yeah, and FANTASTIC shoes.

  • I dont know if my comment worked – will try again just in case.
    I love Russian literature – War and Peace has been my latest conquest. Am intending to read Lolita asap. FABULOUS shoes btw, im jealous.
    Thanks for reading my blog, even though you commented ages ago. I’m just a blog techno-moron. šŸ˜›

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