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This is what I wore to be intensely bored at school and later on to drunkenly measure my facial features at a party and realise I have a FREAKISHLY TINY HEAD. I mean, I knew I was little but not Lilliputianly small! Speaking of LiLiPUT, it is Spring and therefore once again time for New Wave Post Punk girl bands yayy! So I set out to look for some new bands and I discovered Dolly Mixture this time round. OH DEAR GOD, please someone tell me why I haven’t heard of them before? They really do bring the most perfect mixture of awesome New Wave Pop! You can obviously hear some Motown sound in them and A LOT of The Shangri-La’s so you know I have to love them for that. Oh and apparently they were supposed to be marketed as a pop girl group but even though they protested against that I adore that fact anyway. SO IN LOVE. I mean, look at them! Too cute.


Be still my beating heart…


  • That is absolutely the worst skirt I’ve ever seen. Which also makes it the best skirt I’ve ever seen :D. YAYYY
    I’ve never thought your head was freakishly tiny? Apparently, mine is quite big though.

    Will look up Dolly Mixture as soon as I have good internet! (eg. remind me again in two weeks D: )

    • Me neither! Is your head freakishly big compared to others or freakishly big compared to your body? My nose is 4,5 cm while others noses are at least 6 cm long 🙁

      I’ll try to remind you but I’ll probably forget. I think you’ll love them too.

  • I knew the skirt would look awesome!
    I love it with that top *-*
    And are those bow-shaped buttons I see on your jacket? Eeep, I love them! <3

  • I didn’t notice the size of your head until you pointed it out… and upon further scrutiny, I still don’t see that it’s freakishly tiny! Well, head sizes aside, I absolutely adore that leopard print skirt on you, particularly paired with the pink sweater. Great retro look.

  • Looooove the skirt. Very bold, but just stunning! I need to look up Dolly Mixture, it sounds charming! I was just complaining the other day how I feel like I need to find some new music. (I’ve been listening to Animal Collective for the past, umm, six months. Need a change.)

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