mew mew mew

socks: Fräulein Prusselise, shoes: Swedish Hasbeens, dress: second hand, bag: local shop

Sometimes I like to look at myself and try to do a Freudian analysis why exactly I love this children’s cute aesthetic so much. Then I remember I kinda hate Freud most of the times and I just love cute stuff because its colours and ridiculous shapes reflected back to me from the mirrors and windows I pass by whenever I feel terrible or good or tired or whichever never case to make me laugh because look at those dog faces?


  • love this outfit!! your hair clips look cute. tried getting these socks from modcloth too but they had sold by the time i got around to ordering! they look cool on you!

    SS xx

    • Thank you!! I found the hairclips via this etsy btw: They restock often!
      I didn’t get the socks via modcloth though; I was lucky to find them on a holiday in Berlin. I tried checking the brand’s website but they never seem to have socks in stock, what a shame! I got three amazing pairs, they have the cutest prints.

  • Amazing outfit! I love that your brain just naturally wanders over to Freudian motivations.

  • Hi Eline,

    I love that shade of blue with yellow- it’s so fresh and spring like. I just received my print today; I was overjoyed & also to see the extras, thank you so much for those and your note. I can’t get the backing (if there is one) off the stickers- it’s probably my fingernails though!
    Thank you so much for your lovely work and your great blog.


    • Thank you! And yay I am so happy! If you look carefully you’ll see that there are diagonal cuts on the paper on the back. Haha it took me so long to see them too, I should add a note when send those!
      Aww yay no thank you ;_;

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