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shoes: swedish hasbeens, everything else is second hand

I had to create my own view of the Miu Miu fall-winter collection of 2010 when I was finally united with this skirt! I’d been eyeing it for two weeks until I finally got it las week. When I first saw it I gasped out loud, “it’s a bright red Miu Miu inspired skirt?” and enthusiastically told a friend about it, but still it lasted a while before I could get it since the store had weird hours. I placed my hand on the window it was placed behind and whispered softly “we were meant for each other”, days before I finally touched it. Naturally I have been wearing it ever since I got it. It’s second hand but the store is especially specialised in branded second hand, so I guess the brand matters? I’ve never heard of it but it’s by Maje.


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  • I think that skirt was made for you! I absolutely adore your style. Your outfits are like a happy, colorful feast for my eyes! ♥

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