Runway fashion doesn’t move me as it used to but today something got me all excited; some of Antonio Marras’s SS13 inspired by women of the Bloomsbury group. This collection in general is filled with harsh silhouettes yet flowing and deeply romantic but paired with a dark purple lipstick and harsh eye make up it makes me feel the discontent the women would have probably faced in the Bloomsbury group. Virginia Woolf is one of my all-time favorite writers; poetic stream of consciousness goddess that touches me to my core and through my bones. In this can feel her love of beauty, nature, poems and her depressivety to which I relate so much. Then Vita Sackville-West comes to mind who seems like such a crazy aristocratic extraverted and weird babe. She had an intense loverelationship with Virginia Woolf and their story, letters and, of course, the book Orlando which is based on Vita is hypnotizing; sensitive and distant. Vanessa Bell, Virginia Woolf’s sister, has made some paintings but mostly bookcovers I absolutely adore. So concise in its perfect beauty. I don’t know the other women involved but seeing this and writing this down I’m heading to books and wikipedia, and wishing I could wear flower Bloomsbury.

I am very excited about these in particular.














  • The red brocade dress/coat with that weird section of pinstripe jacket…crazy! I quite like the silk shift dress with the ribbed neckband/sleevebands. I would have loved those big floral sweaters a few years ago but have got much more boring with my dress sense recently šŸ™ Love seeing interesting textile/fashion design, thanks Elise and hope you’re doing ok. x

  • Love look with a yellow skirt. Would like to wear it at the university:)

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