Mother don’t be frightened

Dress: second hand; shoes: Dr. Martens; socks: Happy Socks; tights: idk.

I feel like I am almost a decade too late with buying Dr. Martens boots, but re-living out the current collective idea of nineties teens is hip these days, right? Which, by the by, how weird is it that we as (young) twenty-somethings are ironically (but let’s be real: mostly in earnest) wearing a sartorial parody of our (early) teens? (I’m not even thinking about our culture’s obsession with youth.) How creepy is it that a large amount of the blogosphere is gushing over nineties style (which is vaguely disproportionate to how I actually remember it but apt enough so that it frightens me how quickly time has passed), and how weirded out will I be when I start seeing people gushing over early the early naughties which will surely happen soon? Has it already happened? And am I getting old now? and do I have to grow up? Do I get a cat and a house and a job? But these boots are so comfy, and all of the sudden that’s all that matters, and is it a sign of becoming an adult? and what happened to me. Remember when all I wore was these ridiculously high heels and really tight pencil skirts which seemed almost like a harness to keep myself together because I felt so horrible all the time? No you wouldn’t, because this blog didn’t exist then, and is this blog just a meta way to keep track of time and subsequently a reminder of mortality and death? But wait.

There is a tiny, tiny sad violin playing on the background now, can you hear it? But also: perfect dress, and so all is good.


  • You look adorable Eline!!
    I can’t believe you found that dress second hand–it looks amazing!
    And OMG PASTEL DOCS! *0*

    • Thanks! πŸ˜€ I KNOW RIGHT, for only four euro! I can’t believe it either, it’s such a perfect mod dress ;_______;. I’m so psyched about it, yet everyone I know IRL is all ‘..yeah it’s cute’ I need more enthusiasm, damn it!

      :DD I knew you’d love those pastel pink docs! You are totally to blame for these <3

  • THE TIGHTS AND SOCKS COMBO *______* Absolutely brilliant! I love the colourblocks.

    And jesus, please don’t bring back the 90s. At least the 80s had glamour and shoulder pads. Early 90s I can stomach (like the way Madonna dressed) BUT PLEASE NO CARGO PANTS AND GREASY STRINGY HAIR AND THE GRUNGE LOOK THAT SO FEW PEOPLE CAN PULL OFF. AND NO MORE HEROIN CHIC PLEASEEEEE *goes and cries*

    I need a pair of Docs too. I want them in black!

    • Thanks! The socks are colourblocked too πŸ˜€

      omg cargo pants… SOME THINGS IN THE PAST SHOULD NOT EVEN BE REFERENCED! Aaah grunge is totally back in style though, I’m seeing it all over tumblr. If anything of the 90s should be brought back it’s the poppy colourful style, with sleek lines and showing bellybuttons YES

      They are so comfy! I highly recommend them, especially if they’ll last forever as they should, then they’re definitely worth their price! (check eBay though, it’s cheaper)

  • I think you have this secret machine that makes it able for you to find all these good clothes secondhand or you just put more effort in finding it than I do (I’m lazy and dislike looking for clothes therefore probably spend too much money on the items I do find). XD

    Also the comment above made me laugh cause a huge part of my life I wore cargo pants. I REGRET NOTHING. >:D

    But yeah buying doc martens was best decision I made even though it was a pain in the ass to walk them in, but with the extremely icy and cold winter we have they’re pretty useful, comfy and warm. Plus, I don’t slip that much when I walk on ice. ^_^

    • My head is that machine! I totally shop super strategically because I don’t want to spend a lot of time in shops, but I do go shopping often though but I mean how can you not when you live as close to all your fave shops/markets like me? :’D

      I never owned cargo pants but I did own these semi-parachute pants lined with like flannel (yeah you read that right) that were super baggy totes inspired by TLC and the like :’D

      I broke them in like two days and they didn’t even ever felt uncomfy *_* BEST SHOES EVER

  • This is a great “poppy” outfit and no, I don’t think you have to worry about the Doc Martens being a poor choice! Really, I think Docs are squandered on teens, and you should definitely keep rocking these until you are at least thirty-five.

    This deep bookcase is immensely impressive too; I’m quite envious. Mine looks so shallow and depressing in contrast.

  • I stumbled upon your blog, and I have to say. I love your style!! I envy it like.. crazy :3

    • Aw thanks so much, there’s nothing to envy though but my keen eye for cheap dresses! :’D

  • I love this outfit!! Really liking those Docs too, it’s nice to see them being worn like this compared to the gothy-hipster look i keep seeing (though i like that look too mind) so cute and dolly-ish πŸ˜€ I am embracing most of the 90’s comeback too, the clothes were so much more fun!

    • Thanks, so glad to be called dolly-ish :’D.
      I really love the 90s poppy ditzy colourful look a lot (as I’m sure you might’eve expected haha) but I don’t see it nearly enough on tumblr and blogs and whatnot :((((((

  • This color combo….it’s lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m terribly in love with it. It must be an art kid thing…colors just speak to us no?

  • I’ve been caught in the 90s nostalgia. I went back to my old Doc Martens recently, and they look so much more meaninful than any other pair of shoes I have ever owned. I’m looking at crushed velvet dresses on Etsy with quiet admiration, accompanied with random flashbacks to my high school years. The Urban Outfitters’ nu-grunge looks just annoy me. I guess that’s what happens when the life you lived all those years ago becomes a “look”, and especially since the clothes we wore at the time supposedly served a deeper purpose than “made us look cool”.

    By the way, I thought of you today when I browsed through a thread on the Fashion Spot. They have one on The Face, the magazine covers and old editorials. For whatever reason I thought that you must have liked The Face.

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