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I don’t know about you but when I feel happy I have an increasing tendency to wear obnoxious outfits! My exams are finally over and the pressing stress of upcoming grades is slowly fading away so I’m finally up and about leading a social life again. IT HAS BEEN SO LONG. Friends! Who knew I still had some? They seemed like a mirage this past month when being closed off the real world and sunshine in a dark room, afraid to open the curtains for I was sure I’d want to run off and forsake my entire life just to leave peacefully (i.e. without the stress of exams). Preferably in a forest with only squirrels and birds to talk to.


Ah the infamous annoying green + red combo. You can also see my roots which I mentioned in my last post. On one hand I want to grow my bleached hair out, but on the other the thought of my natural blonde hair bores me to no end! I’m so conflicted!

Things that are making me happy:


Can you believe pandas actually exist in this world? Sometimes they seem like a creature from an 80s sci-fi kids movie to me. I mean, their utter adorableness is just ridiculous! They’re always rolling around, doing nothing. It’s amazing! (from Gif Party, my new favourite Tumblr)

I used to love soul music in my early teens but as my hormones raged I left the cheerful and hopeful message of it aside for angsty indie rock. WHY?? Curtis Mayfield makes me happy. I love how he tells me (because musicians are always singing to me, obviously) to fight for my dreams.

Photo 88Photo 87

WORN! With articles such as dealing with feminism vs. fashion, in-depth reports on the (history) of fashion, gender implications etc. how can I not love this magazine? In fact, I love it so much that it has made me want to make my own magazine but then I realised how lazy I am and so I choose to simply support more independent magazines. (Not ashamed to plug Worn over and over again :D)

Also, I want to be this girl:


Via Mori Girl


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