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Hiya hiya hiya HIYAAAAA! I’m so psyched today! I’ve been a terrible annoyance lately because I’ve been subconsciously really stressed about my grades, but today I got them and it was the best I’d hoped for, even more; i got some actualy GOOD grades too! Yay! BLESS. Bless all of my internet spaces and everyone who reads them; I’m finally gonna stop whining about it. Let that be it. Let school rest for a while now. Let’s take a minute to really let that sink in and feel true peace and freedom. A sigh of relief escapes my mouth right now while a small tear wells up in my left eye.

So anyway!! Sartorially-wise I’m kind of veering towards monochrome outfits of black, white and red currently because I love the contrast it gives with my hair. I also adore purple but I don’t have too many purple clothing and the gorgeous purple dress one of my BFF’s just donated to me is velvet and the sun is shining as bright as my good grades right now so it’s too hot to wear anything but nothing or sheer layers. As I am doing here.


skirts;: hand-made, top: second hand, belt, earrings: second hand, shoes: UP, bikini top: La Fille d’O

Aside from that, this year the amazing and iconic Unikko print by Marimekko turns 50! It was designed by Maija Isola in 1964. Isola is known for her extensive use of organic patterns and bold colours and is one of the two pioneering designers of Marimekko, the other being Vuokko Nurmesniemi who is more well-known for graphic and bold prints. I adore both women and their typical designs and I love them worn together especially! But, Isola’s poppy print is so iconic and speaks to me in its organic shapes, use of colours and poppies are one of my all-time favourite flowers too (they’re so simple yet seem so fragile). Something that’s mentioned on Marimekko’s website is that apprently the legend of the poppy print was that the founder of Marimekko, Armi Ratia, strictly forbade flower designs to which Isola promptly designed an entire collection of flowers. Perfect.


I’ve had a Unikko patterened children’s backpack for about a year now, which I got as a treat to myself for registering at university! My small Mac Air 11″ fits perfectly as does at least something to eat, a text book, a waterbottle and some of my daily makeup supply fits perfectly in the extra bag in front. I love it a lot, but I found I could never do it justice in an outfit photo. Considering I’m wearing pretty much all white and that I currently adore red with my green-blue hair I tried my best to capture the magnificence of the backpack as well as the print.

You can see some more Unikko on Marimekko’s special 50th anniversary website!


Also I am cute. Bye!


  • ahh I see the Unikko print pretty much daily, living here in Helsinki, and I’m p much fed up with it but you bring back its charm somehow! plus the shape of the backpack is kinda perfect

    • aww yay how nice to hear!! but also maybe you should just snag up all those unikko prints and send them to me ok thnx haha~ ::chick:: ::yellowthing::

  • Congrats on your grades! Gaahhh I love this outfit, you look like an alien princess (goals).


    • shhhh don’t let that secret out, my home planet likes living in secret and introversy!! ::ghost:: ::octo::

  • The harshness/brightness of your hair works so nicely with the delicate feel of this outfit I think!

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