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New semester today! My classes feel pretty daunting, but I’m really excited to start working again! I’ve had enough rest, too much TV, so I’m ready to start kicking some butt again!


sailor fuku top via ebay, shoes: gift, socks: Fräulein Prusselise, both skirts: second hand, earrings: second hand
Photo on 10-02-14 at 11.40


  • Love this outfit! Hope you get better grades than sailor moon. My problem includes not watching enough dramas. I need to fin Flower boy ramen shop but I do… what kids do you watch ?

    • heheh i hope so too!!! :’D ::yellowthing::

      i found flower boy ramyn shop as streaming media, you should just google it, but i think the best were on or something, but there’s a few eps on youtube too (this one ep suddenly got out of sync though so that’s why i switched to — you find LOADS of dramas there!! (also the download torrent was super slow)

      what are you in the mood to watch? i’ve seen lots of dramas but not very many because i find it hard to watch two in a row because 90% of them have the same story line & charachters (that is also kinda part of the attraction lays though!!)

      MY #1 fave is Dae Jang Geum; it’s a fictionalized version of this kick ass lady
      but very fictionalised & very dramatic, but the clothes, shoes and food are GORGEOUS to look at. And have you seen Symptahy for Lady Vengeance? The show has the same lead!!! BUT you need to have time or restraint to watch this; i find kdramas immensely addictive and this one is over 50 eps long. PREPARE TO CRY YOUR EYES OUT.
      My friend started watching it after i had seen like 10 eps, and we got both obsessed but she apparently even more bc she finished all 50 sooner than me!! hehe

      My other fave is Hana Yori Dange (Japanese), i was obsessed with the manga though (total recommendation!!!), it’s a CLASSIC. I’ve re-watched it several times, which i always find hard to do with series!

      &&& i have to admit a few years back i was OBSESSED with food related dramas (i just LOVE FOOD), but what’s so great about these dramas aside from the awesome food shots is how it’s very intertwined with emotions; once again PREPARE TO CRY YOUR EYES OUT.

      My fave food dramas are: Osen (the Osen/boss lady herself is super cute, stumbles drunk n stuff and wears the most gorgeous kimonos!!); this one is about food but via that it talks about tradition vs new ideas or whatever. Same with Gourmet, which I also enjoyed but maybe I only enjoyed that one because I was so into food dramas & also pretty depressed; but the food contests are super cool to watch.

      Here is a list of food dramas

      I also watched Kuitan, which is simply HILARIOUS

      I am currently almost through with Bambino, even though i don’t like italian food (and also can someone explain to me where there’s only one kind of pasta in an italian restaurant?????) — i am mainly watching this because i love Jun Matsumoto (because of Hana Yori Dango hahah)

      I also watched Lunch Queen, nothing to write home about but i did find it pretty heart-warming!!

      There’s been a lot more listed since I was first into food dramas.

      I’ve seen You’re my Pet and totes found it hilarious!! & I saw Hotau no Hikari, which was kinda funny, i uploaded this part of it way way way back

      I’ve seen other dramas, but the fact that they don’t spring to mind must make them not so worthy to see

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