Hi. My blogging has been vastly inconstistent and tepid at best, I know. I’m deeply considering moving all of my online spaces to wordpress.com, though I also have my own cloud server set up here that takes up more space than I am allowed for free at any other online cloud service (not to mention the sense of privacy – fake or real – it allows me to feel) so I feel very ambivalent and am trying to think up of ways to keep what I’ve always had since 2009. Most of my money should go towards debts that keep piling up since school is costing more, and my wage has been cut majorly. I feel conflicted and sad at best. And isn’t it always the case that I end up pouring my woes up in here? Why do I bother anyway?

I haven’t been here regularly either because I’ve been having consistent health issues, which I suspect is due to stress. I’m loving my studies, but it’s very high pressure, to me at least. Not to mention other stresses that I probably have no cause to feel but feel anyway.


dress, shirt (only collar seen) necklace: second hand, belt: since childhood, shoes: UP, socks: SOXI
Here is an outfit I wore to study. (I’m into black and red lately, I am evolving back in time it seems.) Later I quickly decided to opt for black booties instead of sandals because it’s perpetually wet here and headed to class in which I  high-energetically answered all questions until the professor to told me to quit it because I wasn’t giving others the chance. (No other hand wer eup but okay, dude.) Answering is what made me feel focussed, I was bored and dreamy for the rest of the class. After that I hopped to a play, because theatre studies demand this of me and I am grumpy about that fact because plays are incredibly expensive to me (don’t worry I’ve already written an essay complaining and petitioning against this high-cost bourgoisie past-time). I hated it and now I have to write ten pages on it But I write best motivated by seething hatred so it’s cool. I hated it so much I called one of my best friends to help me relax and then she gave me a fabulous La Fille d’O bra gotten in the recent sample sale, of which she has the exact same. Friendship is beautiful.


shirt: W&LT for Walter Van Beirendonck (via eBay), bra: La Fille d’O


  • In love with your outfit!! I’m wishing you the best. Hehe ::hehe:: I have the same problem with answering too many questions in class its not my fault other students won’t speak up :/ ::KHH:: ::KHH:: . I have to see a play titled Thirteen Clowns next week for theater class. School is stressing me out and I’m trying my best to keep myself organized. ::x-x:: ::x-x:: Good luck I’m rooting 4 u!!!
    ::good:: ::good::

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