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Apparently this is my first legit outfit pic of 2018 and my face looks kinda dumb but whatevs; it is what it is. Anyways, one of my hobbies/coping mechanisms when I get anxious is to window shop (on eBay) for a couple of my fave designers. Mainly I go looking for: Issey Miyake, Walter Van Beirendonck, specific designers of Comme des Garçons such as Junya Watanabe, Ann Demeulemeester (I’ll never get my hands on those double lace-up boots – you know the one I’m thinking of – but man I will never stop looking), some Martin Margiela, occasionally (vintage) Marimekko, and so on… Well! I bid on this simple orange dress, thinking I’d never win the bid because ebay bids are stressful and I want no part of them but then I won? It was a steal! I love the way the pleats please fabric drapes! Like, flattering but also not flattering you know just very different than any other fabric. Anyway, considering I saved up more than I thought I could this past month and it was my birthday (officially hit the big 30!) I may have splurged a bit and bought a Junya Watanabe piece I have been lusting over since forever. Ha! Can’t wait to show it to you guys now that I finally figured out the layout of my new flat and a good spot to take outfit pics! Whoo what a rush! Being financially stable is so luxurious, my gosh. And what an immense help it is to my. anxiety. Whew whoa ha! Anyways outfit details:

Top: vintage, dress: Issey Miyake (Pleats Please), shoes: Swedish Hasbeens, earrings: Milk Tooth


  • Welcome back to the blogosphere!! also yay financial stability, what a blessing!! (i saw a pleats please skirt at a danish boutique the other day and thought of you and also cried over the price)

    • Honestly, almost over a year ago I saw a friend often wear a pleats please top and ever since I’ve obsessively looked for an affordable second hand piece & eBay occasionally has some nice deal on offer for the more simple designs. This dress was like 60 euros & honestly worth it I think I’ll wear it often because it’s one of the more simpler designs so it’s versatile & honestly even if it’s polyester the fabric doesn’t cling with all the pleats & all so it feels comfortable. I think you’d look great in some Issey Miyake just saying!! Wearable art!! Very you!!

      • god i miss hunting for designer clothing on ebay!! the idea of bidding wars stresses me out thoooo

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