Oh, sweet nothing

I woke up pretty early this morning and contrary to my normal behaviour I immediately set to finish my school work. I finished way before noon so to reward myself I went shopping! I know that’s contrary to what I’ve been writing here but there’s one thing essential character trait you must know about me: I have no set rules of principles nor morals :D. Soooo shopping!


I found this skirt and though it’s far too big for me, I just had to get it! I love these colours and I always, always love (colour)blocks in clothes. So I pinched the cloth and pinned it together with a bow.


Also, I hope you can’t tell but I’m really sick. I went shopping to take my mind of all my bodily pain! In the end I almost fainted BUT THAT’S OKAY BECAUSE I FOUND THIS BAG:


Does anyone remember these? I’m pretty sure these were a fad in the late 90s/early 00s. IT IS FLUFFY THEREFORE I MUST OWN IT.


Me and my new bag are best friends forever! Also, I may or may not have been too many films and fashion editorials from the 90s. Speaking of which! Bollywood is always my cure for a crappy day. I’m thinking of downloading every possibly fun one when I get off from school. Any Bollywood lovers reading? Which one is your favourite? Mine is definitely Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge! My second favourite Hum Aapke Hain Koun. I love both of these because of they’re both perfect light-hearted romantic films which Hollywood hasn’t been able to make since the 80s, in my own humble opinion. And what’s better entertainment than a fun, light-hearted romantic film with likeable characters? ALSO THERE IS DANCING AND MUSIC AND AMAZING JEWELLERY.

I always love the synchronised dancing of the men so, so much! 😀


    • Thank you! 😀

      I love Kuch Kuch Hotai as well! Especially the first part in college! It’s so ridiculously nineties and therefore totally awesome.

  • That skirt is perfect! & I used to have a fluffy nineties bag like that… It was so soft *_*.

    Feel better soon!

  • Oh, I’ll have to check out these two movies. I used to be unable to watch anything with song and dance but I’m finally changing my old stodgy ways! Is Hum Aapke Hain Koun the movie that Thora Birch watches in the beginning of Ghost World?

    Also, I love your way with colors! This outfit is exactly how I want to dress (but can’t because I have the worst sense of color,) and is that a little bow I spy on the yellow socks? You’re too cute!

    • Oh! I used to be unable to watch anything with song and dance in it too! The random musical outbursts made me so uncomfortable but then I realised the utter adorable silliness of it all and now I can’t get enough of musicals and the like! 😀
      I don’t remember which one is being featured in Ghostworld but I do remember it was an old one! Hum Aapke is from the mid-nineties.

      And thank you! If you want to be able to use colours “correctly” but have no sense for it there’s actually programs that generate colour palettes for you, btw :D. I’ve no idea what they’re called though, I just throw colours together like I feel.

  • The bow is the best part of that skirt! And that was your own idea to add? Very cute 🙂

  • Ik herinner mij die fluffy tasje nog heel goed. Ik had een witte met poofy balletjes er aan! Ik hou heel erg van je riem. En je sokken in de eerste foto. Wat zijn die flubbertjes aan de zijkant? Ze zien er heel interessant uit! En mannen die dansjes doen zijn sexy.

  • Aww I love these outfits! I’m always reminded of my favourite childhood films when I see your picture posts with all that colour 😀

    I used to have one of those fluffly bags as well, should have kept it, damn!

    And I hope you feel better soon poppett x

  • I love this little skirt, I think teamed with the red jacket is my fave.

    I’ve never really got into Bollywood films if I’m honest so I can’t really comment on that one. But, as there is dancing involved, I will more than likely love watching them!

    Hope you are feeling soon 🙂


  • Owwww! Dat riempje is echt het schattigste riempje ooit! Ik heb er ook zo een (met strikje) maar dan in het zwart, deze kleur is veeeel interessanter:D xx

  • OMGay, I love Bollywood. DDLJ is great, have you seen Om Shanti Om? It is amazing and nods all th great older stuff.

  • Wow, I love these outfits, especially the colour combinations. They’re unexpected, but very bold.

  • I love your it how you’re not afraid to use colour.Your blog is a visual treat:)
    oh and btw i love love lovee bollywood films(im indian so i guess that figures)ddlj and hum aapke hai koun are among my favourites… Have you seen Aisha?? ive blogged about it here-

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