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Just in case anyone missed it, or for new readers (hi!); I am currently in Switzerland for Erasmus (a European exchange program) and will be here till the end of January. I’d recount my past week but it just seems impossible to write down all the overwhelming expressions and awesome feelings of newness. I just want to say that my school is mind-blowingly cool, this country is gorgeous but I hate the (traditional) food and everything is painfully expensive. Nonetheless, I am seriously excited about being here. Maybe I’ll find it easier to write down some experiences later on when I’ve more time but for now I’ll leave it at that.

Oh and yeah: SWANS. Lunches with swans, bonding with swans, deep emotional bread-sharing conversations with swans.

Everyone’s fairly underwhelmed by the awesomeness of swans. I DON’T GET IT. I mean, the other day a Swiss guy told me someone in Zürich was once swimming in a lake with some swans when a swan nearby him stretched its wings, hit the man in the neck and the man DIED. True or not (I kinda highly doubt it), it shows the awesomeness of swans because they seem so elegant and kind while they’re entirely evil beasts. I mean, how can you not get excited about that and admire them from a safe distance?

I also got this wicked bag in a second hand store filled with Tirolean clothes, dirndles and lederhosen. Whoa, I want everything in that shop but, as said, everything is painfully expensive. I needed a bag to put my laptop in and more though so I found this thing, which is something I’ve been looking for for ages. Hooray!


  • The thing about swans is they’re birds, which I always think of as these graceful, delicate creatures, but swans are actually quite strong and very territorial! We live on a lake, and when I see swans there, I am always a bit scared. I kind of believe the story about the guy getting hit by the swan and dying!

    That bag is fantastic!

  • SWANS! noooooo way, that’s pretty amazing. i don’t know if i’ve ever seen one up close! they do look beautiful but i’m sure are somewhat like peacocks who are gorgeous to look at but, scary really – and mean! good luck on your settling in! you look adorable as usual and i’m in love with your new bag, great find!

  • Swans are magnificent creatures aren’t they?! I share your love of them, though i become terrified when one comes near me knowing how violent they can be :/ eep

    But anyway-WOWWWW to your dress! It’s seriously amazing. Where is it from?!
    Hope you’re enjoying yourself out in Switzerland!!

    • Haha yeah, I try to keep a safe distance :DD

      It’s second hand! It seems so 20s to me and it’s so utterly delicate that I still can’t believe I got it for like €2,25 or something like that! It’s probably not really 20s but still.

      • Oh wow, i can’t believe that! That’s a bargain, i hardly ever find any good second hand pieces any more. I thought it looked very 20’s too when i saw it, looks so genuine, it’s amazing 😀 xxx

  • “I mean, the other day a Swiss guy told me someone in Zürich was once swimming in a lake with some swans when a swan nearby him stretched its wings, hit the man in the neck and the man DIED.”

    The mental image I saw when I read this sentence was hilarious. I envisioned a swan doing some karate like move on this poor guy.

    That aside I really like the bag. Schoolbags like that are so expensive everywhere. Great find though!

  • (First time commenting on your blog! I really do love it)

    The dress is gorgeous and your bag looks so squeaky clean (in a good way) <3<3

  • Oh I would have adored an Erasmus year, but sadly on my course they only offer one or two places and I’m ‘not good enough’ boo! I want to hear all about it though miss! Also, what is the traditional food of Switzerland? I have no idea!

    (Also, I think we both need to buy multicoloured wigs right? We could wear them at the same time, in different countries, just y’kno, feeling awesome…)

  • i have a weird question for you. I love your shoes. Where did you buy them???

    • That’s not a weird question at all. I know I kinda should list all my clothes and stuff as a fashion/style blogger but it feels weird to me and totally beside the point. Most of my clothes are bought in special shops or are second hand. I got these in a shop in Belgium but I looked them up once and they are online. It’s by a brand called Neosens and the style is called Shogun… something. The shogun styles are really fun (I want more of them XD)

      Here are mine but be sure to look up the shogun style too as you might even like some better 😀

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