opa pigeon

I got a little nervous while studying yesterday so I decided to make a video talking about animals! I felt relieved and less stressed afterwards… but then I felt nervous all over again so I just hopped to a friend and hung out and completely relaxed there. Sometimes you need to get away from your stuff just to clear your head and work better afterwards; I think I have a better view of my classes and the rythm of school I’m gonna get into now.

Is it worrisome that this is more then eleven minutes of me mainly talking about pigeons, mostly one pigeon, and that there’s also a part that didn’t even make it where I accidentally called our pigeon an “oppa” and, just like, maybe I’m a little too into animals. I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH. But, just to be clear ‘opa’, with a long ‘o’ is an affective Dutch term for grandfather. Just so you know I don’t wanna date an oppa pigeon, that’d be weird… though kinda cute in a platonic way? MAYBE?

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