shoes: gift – dress: Pepe Jeans – shirt: gift – top/vest: gift Ohhh I look so tired and I’m only just getting started with my exam prep! Yikes. Anyways just wanted to share this outfit because I have the time and luxury today while I procrastinate on studying the French Nouvelle Vague. Also, this semester I’ve been interning, which propelled me to dress a little more adult-like, and sometimes stricter too. When I had a […]

you are every song

pants: Kenzo for H&M (men’s collection) – shoes: Martin Margiela – blouse: gift – knit crop sweater: Zara – the backpack in the background: gift (sorta claimed this for myself I’m sorry) / Orla Kiely Whoopty freakin’ do, I finally found a way to take pics in this room! Sorry for the mess on the left. I love this little corner though, messy or not. Very cute, very colourful, love all the different kinds of […]


ok mostly all of this stuff was second hand or a hand me down Boop! I’ve been loving this outfit lately! I felt it looked so good IRL in mirrors but I’m not sure how I feel about it on camera, but still. Love it. It’s super comfy. I’ve been wearing the red dress quite often as it’s a loose-ish fit with a very soft fabric because I’ve been ill for, like, two weeks. Ridiculous. I don’t […]


Here is me, in artificial lightening (corrected to true colours in photoshop, or at least tried to), not posing just waiting patiently, trying not to roll my eyes when someone else tried to take a pic of me to see if outfit pics could work in this new space. IRL, outside, I wore the shoes I wore in my last outfit post; they worked great but are difficult to walk in with socks because they […]

the waves, the waves, the waves

Here’s an outfit I wore/am wearing today which I think is really nice. I was going to write some but I’m am B E A T, as in, t i r e d, and I still need to get some actual work done while I’m yearning just to lay down and read a good book. (I’ve been going through such good fiction lately! perhaps a tale for another day.) I have no excuse for being […]

the living and the dead

Shoes: Camper, shirt: Who’s That Girl?, skirt: hand-made (can you tell lol) It’s an outfit yay! I took advantage of some local sale yesterday and came out with this cute shirt (also a ton of socks because who buys socks at full price anyways).It’s buy Belgian brand Who’s That Girl? They always have super cute retro-inspired stuff but sadly I think their preferred fabric of choice falls short for the tent dresses and A-line skirts […]

and now for something […]

This might be the longest I have gone without posting! For a while there (and maybe still, let’s be honest) I resigned myself that this blog had died. I no longer have the energy to document my outfits, not even on instagram!, and my clothing has steadily become more, for lack of a better word, normalised. Mostly I just want to feel comfy-cute and devote more attention to skincare routines, reading and trying (but failing) […]