I wanna be adored

Dress, turtleneck, petticoat (children’s): H&M. Boots: Sacha. Went shopping for a birthday gift for a friend today. Obviously I only came home with clothes for myself. I wonder why that always happens? Oh well. I don’t have much to say any more. I’m so disinterested in everything. Plus, my throat hurts like hell so I can hardly eat anything which makes me so weak and even whinier than normal. Though I am very much interested […]

Why you need to see Tommy

Wiki says: “Tommy is a 1975 musical film, based on The Who’s 1969 rock opera album musical Tommy”. I thought the start was a little slow though hilariously bad. But then there was this: So, Tommy, the curly haired blonde god, is deaf, dumb and blind. And therefore his mother, the leopard clothed goddess, feels the need to bring him to a Marilyn Monroe-worshipping church that drugs up the believers? That just doesn’t make any […]

Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren

“She was like a bright peacock, a walking traffic light, though she never thought herself as beautiful.” – Malcom McLaren on Vivienne Westwood. No wonder I love her. Not only is she the most intensely fierce woman I can think of, she also has the creativity of a God (well, in my world). Vivienne Westwood started with then-partner Malcolm McLaren, making Anti-fashion from 1971 to 1983. They created provocative T-shirts with fascist quotes scrawled upon […]

Paper party dress by Walter Van Beirendonck

I didn’t get the job that I mentioned in my last post. Since I came back from The Netherlands specially for that job interview I was really upset and improperly pissed off! But when I came home and dropped my bags in a fury I noticed a GIANT PACKAGE! I’d temporarily forgotten what it could be but when I opened it my heart fluttered of excitement and happiness. Oh material happiness how I love thee […]

Absolutely fabulous, darling!

Well, I managed to miss another date I had. I was supposed to see the latest Harry Potter tonight but I’d gotten ill in the middle of the night before and still don’t feel all to well. So I decided to post another outfit-less post! All dedicated to AbFab. If you haven’t seen it yet then shame on you because if you’re reading this blog and are therefore interested in fashion it’s a MUST-SEE. Especially […]

Who I want to be when I grow up

Ugh, I feel impossible lame today. Not only did I lock myself up the entire yesterday but I managed to only wake up at 2pm today so that my plans of swimming in the most awesome lake in Belgium fell through. Oh the sadness! So I need something to cheer me up, yo. Therefore BEHOLD! One of the most amazing women of all time: Anna Piaggi! (22 more photos)

Nineties fashion…-ish…ness.. stuff…

I need some help, my loves! I bought this divine dress at the second hand market last week but it has hideous stains on it and tears all over… So I’ve been thinking, should I modify it as to hide the stains (and sew the rips together?). My first thought was to just cut of a piece but lately I’ve been thinking it would maybe be a bit sacreligious… This is the dress in its […]


Hello, my lovelies! Today, I could not withhold from posting because, in my eyes, I found the most beautiful and girly dress! First though, let’s recollect some memories! I found this coat when I was around seventeen in a great second hand designer shop (this was my very first thrift!), owned by an even greater moustached man. That year, I continued to wear this coat so often that, to this day, one of my best […]

Pink madness!

Yes, my hair is indeed pink! You all knew I had to do it someday! I washed it today for the first time though and some of it had already faded. But I still enjoy the peachyness of it so I’ll leave it like this for a while… and dye it pinker in a few weeks of course! Pink close-up! I dno what I was doing either so don’t ask, my dears! XD) I played […]