People under seventy and over seven are very unreliable if they are not cats.

My morning tempers often transcend into day tempers and eventually in unadulterated pure magical hatred towards the mere existence of other human organisms if left untreated. I remember walking down the isle of a supermarket (true — a really dreadful place to be) and seeing someone standing right in the middle where I couldn’t pass. What this person did, this defiant act of just standing, got under my nails and skin and right through my head and set my hair on fire in a moment’s time. I realised how ridiculous I was feeling so all there was left to do was curl up into a ball and read. That day, I finished reading The Hearing Trumpet in a variation of last post’s outfit, in a patch of sun with my mother’s eighties sunglasses on because the sun was so perfectly bright and then all was brilliant and beautiful.

The main thing that lifted my spirits was obviously Leonora Carrington’s writing.

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I think the internet should love this book. It features a ninety-two year old with a beard, a deep love of cats and a best friend who makes up fantastic fantastical stories and who dreams of machine guns and helicopters. As the story revolves you get to read about more beautiful nonagenarians, crazy nuns, witches, unicorns all in a majestic nursing home that has bungalows shaped like cake and mushrooms and other perfect things. I imagined the ladies very akin to the beautiful babes over at Advanced Style. I don’t want to mention more because delving into it with hardly any knowledge was such a trip. The language was fresh, always funny and the mere fact of reading about ninety-year olds generally kicking ass is such a welcome change to any and all protagonists I have ever read about. So anyway READ IT.


  • Sounds like a brilliant book – must get my hands on it! I love interesting books, and often read them for the same reason that you do – to get away from humans)


  • How nice is your writing? I’m glad you found solace in the end. It sounds lovely.

    I don’t think I gel with this ‘babeism’.. outside of a 90’s film, it just doesn’t sound right. I don’t know, it’s kind of cute, but I’ve just always had some weird objection to slang.

    • Oh thank you! ^_^

      Oh is it slang? I don’t know, I like it when women use it to describe other women, especially when it’s used to describe the person’s achievements outside of being handsome. I kind of love that it’s 90s movie slang though. I think I’ll just end up using it more now, haha, sorry :’D

  • Can I just echo Maya and say you are such an incredible writer *_* I will be trying to hunt down this book so I can read it! xo

  • I don’t know why I’d never heard of this book before, but it sounds absolutely delightful.

  • People under seventy and over seven are very unreliable if they are not cats.

    I am exactly 70. Mr reliable I am . Well some day I may be 70.

    Im just waiting on my birthday in April. God willing Im getting a sewing machine.

    Your ramblings are interesting. I wish mine were.

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