Peter Nimconpoop

Tights: Falke, shoes: some local place, collar: hand-made, sweater and socks: gift, everything else: second hand.

So winter sort of sucks, I always forget. I don’t mind the cold but the short days are totally depressing so I’ve been having a hard time motivating myself to do anything. How do you motivate yourself in doing things? Today I donned a horse themed outfit to battle winter suckiness. This amazing sweater (I love those pink manes!) was given to me by an internet friend together with another pair of antipast socks (and so many more amazing things ;__;)! It reminds me of Charlie’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s horse obsession.


  • DAT SWEATERR. I love it in combination with the skirt because the horse looks very colourful and the skirt makes the colours pop more *_*

  • Wow! This outfit really is too good to be true! It just speaks to me haha!

    Incredible you’re able to match a knitted horse with another knitted horse.

    I always forget how cold winter is, although it was much colder last year. I’m used to the dark nights though. I found this list somewhere once, it was more about getting up early but it had stuff like giving yourself a fun activity to do in the morning or having a nice breakfast, give yourself a treat like that perhaps?
    Burn some nice smelling oil, have hot baths with clove oil. look forward to christmas! Decorate your room!
    It’s really hard for me on and off too but I’m enjoying a much needed spurt of enthusiasm this week.

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