cardigan: fornarina, shoes: sonia rykiel for h&m, skirt: hand-made, shirt: second hand

Outfit & make-up & shoes as self-care because vanity is nothing to be apologetic about.

I have been wearing these shoes all day yesterday and today inside to convince myself I can handle rocking horse shoes as daily wear. These are twelve centimetres high and the shoes I am eyeing are 7,5 centimetres so I could definitely handle them, right? Too bad that walking on cobblestones is nearly impossible with any wedge-like shoe and there’s cobblestones all over here. But you know what? I think I’ll get them anyway one day because I deserve them.

p.s. I am a european 38, and my feet are exactly 23,5 centimetres long just in case you’d want to buy them for me ~(◐‿◐)~ 
No but seriously, if anyone has any experience with either rocking horse shoes or Bodyline let me know what you think!


  • Bodyline has such great clothes, one bad thing about those japanese/chinese/korean websites is that their shipping fees are usually horrendous 🙁

    • Yessss, I have looked at so so many things, so so many nights -tears pouring from my face of all the amazingness- and think ‘I could get this!’ only to see the shipping fees and disappear into a puddle of sadness.

      But these days I just count the shipping fees as the cost of the garment or whatever and don’t get my hopes up as much and I still find these shoes to be affordable: 39 euros, everything included (cheap shipping of course -_-). Not cheap at all for me but, fuck it, I deserve them.

  • Aaaah you do look amazing! I’m really interested in seeing rocking horse shoes IRL, so I hope you get them 😀 (also because they would suit you SO WELL of course).

    • Psh, your advice is so self-centred so I suggest you just buy them for me ~(◐‿◐)~

  • My sister umms and ahhs about those all the time! Most people say they’re pretty easy to walk in, go for it, I’d take advantage of your little feet and get some! It’s so annoying that those shops on ebay that do designer replicas only go up to a size 39.. Though they do have larger in the rocking horse ones but it’s never the ones one wants is it?!

    Beautiful skirt, it’s such a lovely length.

  • I love that skirt on you! I have that pair of rocking horse shoes actually. They’re pretty comfortable for how tall they are but the straps do not stay up at all. I tried a bunch of different things to get them to stay up but in the end I just ended up chopping them off.

    I’ve also had the Montreal kind sold by this store on ebay: and they were quite a bit shorter and more comfortable, which might be a better option for cobblestones!

    • Thank you! I’ve seen those too but the top of the shoe is more rounded so I might prefer the bodyline shoes which have more pointed tops, and also I think I like the high height of bodyline? 😀

      Whoa, I think I came on your blog today by obsessively googling the bodyline rocking horse shoes and saw how you chopped them off! I really like what you did with it! But I like it when it falls down too so it’s not really an issue for me.

      Are the bodyline shoes uncomfortable in any way? Also, how is the sizing? Like I said, my feet are 23,5 cm but I have kind of broad feet so maybe I should go a little bigger especially since I would love to wear them with cotton socks.

      • I can definitely understand that! Haha what are the odds? They pinch a little at my toes if I wear them for a long time, but other than that they’re comfortable! The sizing is pretty accurate, mine are a tad loose on me but I’m in between sizes so that’s pretty normal.

  • Love the skirt ~ actually the whole outfit (but the skirt especially).
    I got myself some Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Rocking horse shoes a while ago, I’d say that they are my favourite shoes. They are really comfortable, the only things that I’d say are cons are how heavy they are ~ plus I have this weird thing I do occasionally where one of my legs will awkwardly buckle outwards causing my foot to fall on its side (which is a heck of a lot more obvious at a height).

    • Oh man, I am so jealous, I absolutely love those shoes but they are nowhere to be found any more and they’re too expensive for me ;___;
      I do that too! But I also do it with flats! But actually less with heels because I am more aware of my feet in them though I did it once with these shoes above and fell flat on my face~ 

  • Working the stripes and polka dots! The spectrum of pink in your cardigan, shirt and hair is awesome!

  • I’ve ordered RHS from Bodyline twice! They didn’t work out for me in both cases (the first pair I ordered was too small/the second pair was too big T____T) but I think if you could just get the sizing thing right they’re great shoes! The soles are very light weight and not hard to walk in at all. The shipping is quick, too!

    • Oh no that’s awful! I hope you were able to sell them? If not and they’re in my size, you know who to contact~ (or you could try livejournal)

      And thank you (●♡‿♡)~ 

  • Eline can you adopt me so I can live in your fluffy kingdom too? I am practically CRYING over how perfect this entire look is – g u h!!!

    MEANWHILE, I love how you are using such fun emoticons all over this post! ヾ(^∇^)

  • These shoes are fabulous! And the length of your skirt is absolutely perfect. Completely PERFECT.

  • That’s such a striking mixture of shape and colour; you have a great eye. 🙂

    The link on your post interested me and I thought about vanity a bit.

    I do think personally that someone can cross a line from self care and enjoyment of their own appearance to an unhealthy obsession, a preoccupation as such where they place too much importance on their ‘outer shell’, rather than other things going around them.

    I would never dream of trying to condemn someone for dressing up, enjoying art and their appearance, which I think is wonderful.

    Though I think humility is equally important (in the sense that we realise that we are each a tiny speck on the earth, not covering up and being ashamed of our bodies). I don’t like it when people act superior to others (which is think is generally agreed to be part of vanity) and I think it’s important to be mindful and place more importance on developing our inner selves.

    What do you think?

    Liz x

    • I honestly, don’t agree. I feel that, as a woman especially, it can be almost radical to claim to (proudly) love yourself, your whole true self; flaws and all and that’s what I am getting at here. Inner and outer beauty alike. But some days, you can only feel proud of your outer beauty, and you know what? That’s okay. Just as much as you can only feel proud at your inner beauty on other days. Revel in it. Don’t apologise for loving yourself. Reclaim self-love. Some days it’s the only thing you can hold on to and that’s okay.

      Never have I ever heard of thinking one’s better than another as part of vanity though!

      I only saw your comment until now! I always appreciate other views so thanks for your comment 😀

  • So lovely!!! You are so sweet when dressed like this!!! I always do not have enough courage to try in pink,(I just think it’s too lovely for me:D)but I’m really amazed by your dress style!! Love the dots and stripe!!!:D

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