shoes: swedish hasbeens, skirt: hand made, everything else is second hand

If you’re having holidays I hope you’re having a happy one and if you’re having a sad one that’s okay, too. It’s all good because the pressure to be happy is based on fictitious ideas (possibly happily (haha!) supported by capitalism). Happiness is just one of the many feelings you’ll experience in life, so to strive for only one human emotion at all times you would be depriving yourself of the richness of a myriad of feelings.


  • Such a lovely, sassy outfit! I’m really digging it!
    I agree that being forced to be happy during the holidays is a farce that people shouldn’t buy into, but I still believe creating happiness on your own terms is achievable!
    I miss you and Ill send you an email soon!

    • So true but I was thinking of the happiness that’s being sold to us by media or whomever, like just a lot of people? the 24/7 100 percent jumping out of your skin joy for life!! And that’s just non-existent and that’s cool and I really need people to stop selling this to me like it’s real, esp. around this time of year.
      Yay, I was thinking about sending you an e-mail regardless because I need to tell you stuff and want an update on yr life!!

  • I just stumbled upon your blog and I feel like my world has changed. You keep a beautiful and wonderfully curated space, and I can’t wait to return.

  • Aww! I just got so happy because of your outfit and all the cuteness here! Your blog always puts a smile on my face!

  • Holy shit, this outfit is amazing. Love the pigtail braids too, super cute. I hope you had a good holiday!

  • […] Another easy way to incorporate the rainbow an outfit is by layering like a maniac, and winter is the perfect time to do that. Start with thrift-store button-downs in crazy prints—Christina from For Show does this lewk well—and throw a patterned cardigan or loud sweater over it. Don’t think “pops of color”—think EXPLOSIONS! Left: via Fashionist; right: Eline from A Fluffy Blog […]

  • Rookie, thank you for showing me this blog.

    Eline, thank you for making this blog.


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