Pink Narcissus

Ah, Saturday, the day in which I always tell myself to work for school but end up browsing the internet hours and hours nonetheless. So as I was looking for pretty pictures and creepy doll movies I came across some stills from the infamous gay cult classic: Pink Narcissus. And then I realised I had to post some because this movie is AWESOME and goes hand in hand with my love for all things kitsch, camp and pink.

Pink Narcissus is a story told only by images which isn’t too surprising seeing as this is the one and only film by photographer James Bidgood. It basically tells the story of a young male prostitute, dreaming away in his own fantasies.









Part of my favourite scene in which there’s a butterfly performing fellatio šŸ˜€


I could’ve placed these stills on my art blog but I find that they’re extremely inspirational and they’ve led to me wearing pink & blue countless of times as well as more kitschy outfits and silly make up. Also, I think I’m going to keep my art blog more as an external memory and put more short-termed inspirational things in (pop) culture here.


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